Milan-Naples, Spalletti without Osimhen: “We’ve already won when he wasn’t there”

Tomorrow the Italian derby in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals

“We have won some important games even without Osimhen. I expect those who take the field to trust their teammates and themselves”. This was stated by the Napoli coach, Luciano Spalletti, on the eve of the Champions League match against Milan, first leg of the quarter-finals. The Azzurri have to do without Victor Osimhen, still out with a muscle problem in his adductors. “The strength of a team is never a raw addition of team members. But of qualities, of how they manage to coexist with each other. And our team has shown that it knows how to play beyond of the starting line-up”, says the coach, also forced to do without Giovanni Simeone.

Milan-Naples is one of the “matches that erase many things, where all the players through their importance manage to recognize what is needed,” says Spalletti. “If you think that a league match is of interest only to Milan and Napoli fans, a Champions League match is of interest to fans from all over the world and the players suffer this even unintentionally”.

As for the importance of the match in question in his career, “I hope there are others that are more important than this one. We are at a very high point in our career, I speak for myself but also for my players. We have to bring the will, the enthusiasm from where we started. When you go to play these Champions League matches you go to play in stadiums for teams that seem prohibitive, but we have shown that we know how to do well and I expect the boys to do the same tomorrow too. And then we have to have fun, we we must savor everything in full, even the dinner on Christmas Eve”.