Milan-Newcastle, English fan stabbed in Milan

Ambush of 7 hooded people last night in via Segantini, on the corner with via Gola, in the Navigli area

A Newcastle fanthe English team that will face Milan at San Siro this evening for the Champions League match, he was stabbed last night in via Segantini, on the corner with via Gola, in the Navigli area of ​​Milan.

The 58-year-old man, born in Newcastle, was with a friend when he went joined by seven people, all hooded. One of the attackers hit him with a stab wound in the back and two more superficial ones in the right arm. The group fled before the police arrived.

118 also intervened on site, transporting the 58-year-old under yellow code to the emergency room of the Policlinico hospital, where the emergency was changed to red, since the wound to his back was found to be deep.

At the moment, however, the fan’s life is not in danger and he should be discharged soon. In the meantime he was interviewed by Digos agents. From what we learn, the officers have begun to analyze the footage from the cameras present in the area, looking for some element that could help identify the perpetrators of the ambush.

Newcastle said they were “deeply concerned” by the news: “We are deeply concerned by reports that a fan was seriously assaulted in Milan on Monday evening and we are working with local authorities to understand the circumstances. Our thoughts are with to the fan and his family and we hope for a complete and rapid recovery.”

A spokesperson for the Milan Police told the PA agency: “The accident occurred around midnight in the Navigli district, populated with bars. A police patrol noticed the accident, which involved seven or eight people wearing hoodies. We are still looking for these people. A Newcastle fan, who is 58 years old, suffered two minor injuries to his arms and a slightly deeper one to his back. He has been admitted to General Hospital and is expected to be discharged today “Digos, the section that deals with football fans, is investigating, but at the moment it is not clear whether it concerns football or something else because no coats of arms were visible.”