Milan, passers-by stabbed in robberies: who is the aggressor

Stopped with stolen cell phones and a pocketknife

Only one perpetrator of the robberies and stabbings that took place this evening in Milan, in the Central Station area. According to what is learned, it is a man, probably of North African origin, yet to be identified. He was stopped by motorcyclists from the ‘Nibbio’ section of the General Prevention Office, who tracked him down in via Venini, a short distance from the site of the second attack, thanks to the descriptions provided by witnesses.

The man was found wearing three mobile phones, two of which were the proceeds of the robberies carried out shortly before in via Sammartini, and a third on which the investigators are carrying out investigations. The attacker also had the multipurpose knife with him, used to stab the victims.

In via Sammartini, shortly after 17.30, when a 34-year-old Spanish woman, transported in yellow code to the San Paolo hospital with trauma to the face from a struggle, and a 58-year-old Salvadoran were attacked and robbed. A few minutes later, in nearby Viale Brianza, the man attempted to rob a 24-year-old girl who was walking in the company of her boyfriend, a year older than her. The two young men, wounded him in the chest and she in the neck with a cutting weapon, were taken in yellow code to the Milan Polyclinic.

At the time of the attack, a 68-year-old man came out of the door of his home, at number 27 in viale Brianza, and tried to foil the robbery attempt, but was stabbed with a knife. The elderly man, seriously injured in the shoulder, was transported in code red to the Niguarda hospital. The last of the injured is also serious: a 57-year-old man, a resident of the area, who at the time of the attacks was sitting at the outside tables of a bar a few meters away. Hearing the cries, he intervened to help the victims, but he himself received a stab wound in the arm. The 57-year-old was transported in red code to the San Carlo hospital.