Milan, police mannequins burn: father and son reported

A man shows up at the police station and ‘explains’ the gesture…

Two men, father and son, were reported in Milan for having set fire to a mannequin of a uniformed policeman on New Year’s Eve. The episode was captured in a video that went viral on the web. Both were denounced for contempt of the Republic, the constitutional institutions and the armed forces and for dangerous ignitions and explosions.

A 37-year-old Ecuadorian citizen, regular on the national territory and with a police record for crimes against property, drugs and carrying objects capable of offending, presented himself this morning at the Scalo Romana police station, where in recent years he had been followed in relation to his status as a probationer entrusted to social services, claiming to be the perpetrator of the act. He reported to the agents that he had decided to appear given the media clamor produced by the gesture.

According to his version of events, as per tradition in his country of origin, he had built the mannequin depicting a policeman who intended to symbolize the problems he had in the past with justice; its destruction was supposed to represent leaving them behind as a New Year’s resolution. During New Year’s Eve, the man then placed the mannequin in via San Dionigi where shortly after midnight, his son, a 17-year-old boy positive in the database, set it on fire after dousing it with petrol and then publishing, on his own social account, the video that went viral.