Milan, quarrel at a party: shoots and kills a boy

Another man injured in the leg, the assailant was arrested. The murder in Turbigo

A quarrel for futile reasons has degenerated into murder last night in Turbigo, in the province of Milan, when a 34-year-old Albanian drew a gun and fired shots at his compatriots, killing a 23-year-old and injuring a 30-year-old. The attacker was immediately arrested by the carabinieri of the Legnano company, who intervened on the spot.

From the reconstruction made by the military, it appears that the murder took place around 11.30 pm yesterday, near a bar in Via Allea Comunale: a party was in progress between Albanians, when the quarrel broke out, at the height of which the 34-year-old used the weapon against the 30-year-old, injuring him in the calf. At that point, those present surrounded the attacker, who fired again. A bullet hit the 23-year-old in the carotid, who died a few hours later at the hospital in Legnano. The injured 30-year-old was instead admitted in yellow code to the hospital in Busto Arsizio.

The 34-year-old, who – the carabinieri said – was repeatedly beaten by those who tried to contain him – was blocked by the soldiers who intervened and placed in a state of custody by the judicial police. The weapon he used to shoot is a 6.35 caliber pistol, lost in 2017 in the province of Como.