Milan-Roma 3-1, AC Milan three of a kind and Mourinho ko

The Rossoneri score with Giroud, Messias and Leao. Abraham’s goal for the Giallorossi

Milan conquers an important success at San Siro for 3-1 over Roma overcoming a rather problematic situation between Covid and the African Cup. The Rossoneri drop the trio signed by Giroud, Messias and Leao with a Roma that gives two goals and two men, with the expulsions of Karsdorp and Mancini in the second half. Abraham’s goal was the Giallorossi who still created a lot, but the Rossoneri goalkeeper Maignan has surpassed himself on more than one occasion. With the success, the Rossoneri of Pioli move to 45 points to -1 from Inter who, however, must recover the challenge against Bologna, while the Giallorossi of Mourinho remain stationary at 32 points.

“I liked my team. Also in the 2-0, in the 2-1 and up to the moment of the red in Karsdorp we were in the game but on a technical level it was a low game. We lose the ball with tremendous ease, very low quality but we have always been in the game. To talk about technical problems I must also talk about the referee and the Var because I haven’t received any image yet where it is clear that the first is a penalty. I can’t see. You can see Tammy’s movement opening the arm but you can’t see the pure and clear contact “, the words of the Roma coach, Josè Mourinho in Dazn. “Aureliano was at home but he definitely wanted to stay here, I talked to Chiffi and asked him for the clip to see the penalty because my analysts can’t find a reason. If you compare this rigor to that of Zaniolo and Ibanez, they are all Penalties. If it’s me on the pitch nobody is. We just want uniformity. For this reason I think we played at a low technical level, but at the referee level we are always unlucky “, added Mou.


Thrilling departure for Rome at San Siro. Already at 4 ‘Theo Hernandez kicks with his left foot from outside the box and finds the great response of Rui Patricio, good at relaxing at the far post. However, the on field review arrives. Chiffi heads for the Var’s sideline monitor after checking for a possible touch with Abraham’s arm. Penalty kick for Milan and Giroud’s goal that displaces Rui Patricio. Roma tries to react in the 14th minute with Mkhitaryan who is freed in the area by the first touch of Karsdorp but the Armenian tries the cross in the center with Maignan blocking the ball in the small area. At 17 ‘Milan doubles: Giroud pounces on a bloody back pass by Ibanez, bypasses Rui Patricio and hits the post with an empty net, Junior Walter Messias arrives and finds the corner for the 2-0. Mourinho’s team reacts and on 25 ‘Abraham defends the ball and serves Zaniolo on the run.

The blue enters the area and tries to beat Maignan with his left low shot but the French goalkeeper manages to deflect his foot for a corner. Milan lowers the pace and Roma are looking for the right opening to reopen the challenge. At 40 ‘Zaniolo turns to the limit and kicks with his left to turn, on the trajectory there is the header of Abraham but Maignan is decisive parrying with his hand in counter time. The miracle of the French goalkeeper is not enough because on the development of the corner kick from the right, Pellegrini kicks hard low shot from the edge and Abraham mocked Maignan by putting the right outside. In full recovery Zaniolo goes away to Gabbia on Karsdorp’s assist, enters the area and goes to the ground after making contact with Tonali. Great protests from the Giallorossi but Chiffi does not grant a penalty.

Upon returning after the interval, Milan again on the shields: in the 50th minute Messias mocked Vina and entered the area, crossed in the center finding the deflection of the host defense. The ball stays there but Krunic wastes everything. A minute later Brahim Diaz finds space on the edge of the area and kicks towards the goal, the ball is printed on the crossbar with Rui Patricio beaten. The Giallorossi after the risk are thrown forward and in the 59th minute Mkhitaryan serves Abraham on the edge. The Englishman detaches himself from the marking and kicks with his right low shot on the long post but finds the sensational deviation of Maignan which saves the result. Roma raises the pace even more and the Rossoneri goalkeeper is still the protagonist in the 62nd minute on Mkhitaryan’s powerful conclusion from the edge, and then he is also very good on Ibanez’s tap-in who was however offside. At 67 ‘still Giroud protagonist who receives the ball and crosses for Diaz, who does not find the door with his left.

At 74 ‘the situation of Roma is complicated. Karsdorp knocks Theo Hernandez out on the short side of the area and Chiffi shows him the second yellow and then the red. Rome in ten. On the following free kick Florenzi hits the intersection of the posts. Enter Ibrahimovic and Leao and create the AC Milan trio: Ibra dominates Smalling and Leao free. The Portuguese flies towards Rui Patricio’s goal and beats him 3-1 in the 82nd minute. Roma pours forward and Ibanez falls in the area after Ibrahimovic’s push. Great protests by the Giallorossi with Chiffi gesturing to continue. At 94 ‘, however, Chiffi does not use the same meter and assigns the second penalty for Milan for a foul by Mancini on Leao with the Giallorossi defender who is sent off for a double yellow card. Ibra goes to the spot but is hypnotized by Rui Patricio who saves the penalty to the Swede. It ends 3-1 with Roma in nine men.