Milan Stock Exchange, the five best titles of the Ftse Mib: Iveco runs

Toned session for industrialists and banks listed on Piazza Affari

Iveco leads the ranking of five best titles of the Ftse Mib in a tonic session for industrialists and listed banks a Piazza Affari. The stock of the commercial vehicles group marks a jump of 3.51% to 6.31 euros. In dusting Finecobank (+ 2.85% to 12.99 euros) and the securities of the banking sector, with Unicredit (+ 2.85%) e Intesa Sanpaolo (+ 2.83%). Closes the ranking of the five best titles of the Ftse Mib Nexiwith an increase of 2.59%.

Meanwhile, the main basket of the Milanese square marks a progress of 1.45% to 24,517 points, while the spread Btp-Bund scores 219 points. The other European stock exchanges were also strong, with London (+ 1.32%), Frankfurt (+ 1.24%) and Paris (+ 1.30%). Retrace the price of the Petroleum and loses half a percentage point, with the WTI at 118.3 dollars a barrel.

Also on the FTSE they mark increases above two percentage points Bper, Banca Generali, Prysmian, Campari and Banca Mediolanum. In negative territory they swap Interpump, Leonardo and Altantia.