Milan Stock Exchange today, fear of interest rate hikes: Piazza Affari in parity

Bad day for the European stock exchanges, with investors frightened by developments in the war in Ukraine and by the possible increase in interest rates in Europe on the initiative of the ECB. In the Old Continent, green light to send tanks to Kiev from Germany and Poland, as well as from the United States. In America, then, the results of some quarterly reports are lackluster.

As for the ECB and the Fed, the decision on interest rate hikes will come next week. Meanwhile, on the currency front, the euro is down slightly against the dollar. Gas is stable below 60 euros per megawatt hour at the TTF in Amsterdam. As for oil, on the other hand, the WTI rises and the Brent falls.

In Milan, the Ftse Mib lost 0.03% and closed close to parity compared to yesterday, at 25,875.30. The spread between BTPs and German Bunds is up, around 184 basis points. The ten-year bond yield decreased, around 3.93%. Iveco performed well on the main price list in Piazza Affari (+3.13%). The company announced today that Iveco bus has signed an agreement with Flanders public transport company De Lijn for the sale of a first batch of 65 city buses. Leonardo then earns 2.56%, A2a 1.08%, Buzzi Unicem 1.74% and Erg 1.80%.

In the queue, however, Saipem (-1.79%). Citigroup analysts have increased the target price to 2 euros. Based on this new target price, experts are now recommending a buy of the shares. Finally, Nexi lost 1.77%. (in collaboration with