Milan stock exchange today, US inflation down: Piazza Affari rises, but does not rejoice

Falling inflation in the United States (now at 6.5%) is good for European stock markets, which close higher. However, the initial euphoria for the data fades, with investors hoping for a greater slowdown in the price race, beyond expectations. The inflation data will now be evaluated by the American Central Bank to decide on the next interest rate hikes. Increases of 0.25% are likely in the coming months. The ECB, for its part, still expects a significant increase in rates, according to what is reported in a bulletin.

Today, then, the price of oil is still on the rise, with Brent and Wti growing by more than 1%. Gas at the TTF in Amsterdam is stable, around 65 euros per megawatt hour. Instead, gold reversed course, falling to about 1.88 dollars an ounce, after yesterday’s leap due to the weakening of the dollar.

In Milan, the Ftse Mib rose by 0.73% and closed at 25,733.96. The spread between BTPs and German Bunds is stable, around 185 basis points. The ten-year bond yield falls to 3.98%. Iveco is positive on the main price list of Piazza Affari, recording an excellent result (+4.36%). Eni also performed well (+1.24%). The six-legged dog has made it known that it will launch the offer of the first bonds intended for the Italian public linked to its sustainability objectives. The duration of the bonds is 5 years starting from 10 February 2023 and the total value will be one billion euros, or two in the event of excess demand.

As for Enel (+1.37%), Goldman Sachs analysts have raised the target price on the electric giant, bringing it from 7 euros to 7.1 euros. On the other hand, Diasorin (-1.70%), Interpump (-1.00%), Campari (-1.89%), Amplifon (-1.98%) and Inwit (-0.67%) followed. (in collaboration with