Milan, the neonatologist: “Aeneas was wrapped in a green blanket, I would like to talk to his mother”

“My hope is that you will think again” Fabio Mosca, director of Neonatology and Neonatal Intensive Care, tells Adnkronos

“Aeneas was wrapped in a green blanket. Now he has become our child, our son. My hope, however, is still that his mother will think again. I would like this message of mine to reach her”. Speaking to Adnkronos Salute is Fabio Mosca, director of Neonatology and neonatal intensive care at the Milan Polyclinic. “When the alarm went off, the neonatal intensive care team from the Mangiagalli clinic in Milan rushed on duty today: we went downstairs with two female doctors and nurses, took the baby, examined him and he was fine. taken up to the ward.”

Enea, dark hair, well groomed, Caucasian, was born about a week ago. His name is what his mother wrote in the letter left next to him. A few sentences, written in Italian. In Mangiagalli he is now pampered by the staff. “As much as possible we try to substitute maternal attention,” Mosca says. The fact that it was left on Easter Sunday “makes it even more touching”. Moscow has not lost hope of a second thought: “I would like this mother to listen to me, she can still recover her child, I want her to know that we can help her grow it and that nothing is lost. I want to speak to this mother and say that we are ready to stand by her, to get in touch with me and with the hospital”, is the appeal.

Mosca thinks back to the three babies left in the crib for 16 years for Mangiagalli’s life. “All boys. But the thing they have in common is also another: in these stories there is the desperation of a mother, who is attentive to her child and tries to preserve it. These babies have all been left in excellent condition. conditions. For little Aeneas, the mother wrote sweet words in the short letter and this should make us reflect, question. Because if we fail to intercept the discomfort of a mother who is in a position to abandon a child, certainly by choice, but it must make us think. Perhaps we are not yet so good at picking up the alarm signals. The cradle for life has worked and we are satisfied with this from a technical point of view. But this must be an opportunity to think. And live the it also happened a bit like a defeat on one side”.

Mosca is keen to recall the options available to mothers in difficulty: “It is useful to know that a mother can give birth in hospital anonymously and leave, without having to put her baby in the cradle for life, or worse, think of more tragic abandonments.The numbers of these cases are not high, that is, of women who use the current legislation that allows them to abandon the newborn in the hospital after a birth that took place in a safe way, in hospitals assisted and not in precarious situations. it happens for some children every year. Among other things, here there is also the Life Help Center which is able to help mothers in difficulty who want to keep their child before, during and after childbirth. a mother in difficulty knows that she is not alone, we try to give footholds and help”.