Milan, they climb the spire of the Madonnina del Duomo: 2 Frenchmen stopped

Councilor Granelli: “There doesn’t seem to be a relationship with the Gallery soiling”

Two French parkourists were arrested after climbing the spire of the Madonnina del Duomo in Milan. The two, aged 18 and 20, come from the French city of Dijon. “This morning at 6.10 local police officers in Milan saw two young men climbing the spire of the Madonnina del Duomo, they raised the alarm, positioning themselves around the Duomo”, writes Marco Granelli, councilor for security of the municipality of Milan, on his profile Facebook.

The commissioner informs that once they got off, the young people “were identified and stopped: they are French. After initial checks, there does not seem to be any connection with the contamination of the tunnel. Now they have been reported. The local police were present this morning too and intervened,” he added.

The two Frenchmen probably scrambled to make videos to post on social networks. In the cameras and mobile phones in their possession, images and videos taken on top of monuments in other European cities, including the Eiffel Tower, have been found, although it has not yet been possible to determine whether they are the authors of the photos.