Milan, urban regeneration project is underway: 200 new apartments in Social Housing

It was presented today the social and urban redevelopment project which will lead to the realization of 200 new apartments in the Sarpi district of Milanthanks to the activity of the Ca ‘Granda Fund participated by the IRCCS Ca’ Granda Foundation Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico di Milano, the Fondo Investire per l’Abitare (FIA – Cassa Depositi e Prestiti Group, CDP), the Cariplo Foundation and managed by InvestiRE SGR (Banca Finnat Group), which manages and enhances the properties transferred to the Fund by the Milan Polyclinic.

Urban and social regeneration in Milan: the via Sarpi project – WATCH THE LIVE

The regeneration project, which involves a total investment of over 40 million euros, concerns a historic residential complex located between via Sarpi, Bramante and Niccolini and will lead to the construction of 200 new apartments for long-term leasing and social housing , responding to the growing housing needs of the Lombard capital.

Through the Ca ‘Granda Fundestablished in 2014 with the transfer of the real estate assets that the Milan Polyclinic has built over the centuries thanks to the donations of generous benefactors, grateful for the activity carried out by the hospital, the Polyclinic therefore returns to the city what has been received over the centuries by the great generosity of the Milanese and Lombards, in a virtuous circle which, in the case of the Sarpi district, will lead to the reconversion of an important city area.

The renovated building complex will also find space first Casa Ronald in Milandedicated to the hospitality of families with children being treated in hospital, and promoted by the Ronald McDonald Children’s Foundation.

The regeneration project, which will start in early 2023 and will be curated by the architects Barreca & La Varra, will allow the city to return 10 thousand square meters of regenerated residential area and another 3 thousand square meters of commercial space. The buildings object of the intervention will meet the most advanced criteria of sustainability and energy and functional efficiency, while maintaining the historic nineteenth-century facade and thus preserving the typical aspects of the reference urban context.

The initiative also pays great attention to the social fabric: in fact, three new courtyards will be built in the ancient common spaces, destined to become meeting centers that can be used by both residents and the entire neighborhood. The social project of the makes use of the skills of the Kservice social manager he was born in support of the social technical advisor of the Social Housing Foundation.

The Ca ‘Granda Fund operates in line with the values ​​that have always inspired Ca’ Granda and has two priority objectives, closely connected: redevelop a part of the real estate assets, helping to generate value for citizens and the city itself through social housing projects , to respond to the new housing needs of Milan, and help finance the construction of the New Polyclinic Hospital, through the enhancement and sale of the other part of the properties.

In September 2021, the Fund renewed the Supplementary Agreement with the main tenants’ trade unions in support of the new rental housing proposals under the social housing regime, in line with the ethical assumptions that have always represented it.

The Social Housing project supported by the FIA ​​is consistent with CDP’s 2022-2024 Strategic Plan and, in particular, with the intervention priorities identified by Cassa in the Sector Strategic Guidelines relating to Social Infrastructures.

Speakers at the press conference to present the project this morning were: Alan Christian Rizzi, Councilor for Housing and Social Housing of the Lombardy Region Lamberto Bertolè, Councilor for Welfare and Health of the Municipality of Milan, Marco Giachetti, President of the IRCCS Ca ‘Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico Foundation of Milan, Sergio Urbani, General Manager of Fondazione Cariplo, Giancarlo Scotti, CDP Real Estate Director and CEO of CDP Immobiliare SGR, Paolo Boleso, Head of Residential and Social Infrastructure of InvestiRE SGR, Gianandrea Barreca, of Barreca & La Varra, Giordana Ferri , Executive Director of the Social Housing Foundation and Nicola Antonacci, President of the Ronald McDonald Italia Children’s Foundation.

During the morning, also the delivery of a symbolic tribute by a great artist of international fame, the sculptor Jago, who wanted to donate a work to symbolize the first brick of the new Sarpi complex. The work, delivered by the Artistic Director Luca Tommassini to President Giachetti as a sign of good omen, further strengthens the close ties that Ca ‘Granda has had with the world of art for centuries.

“The redevelopment of the complex in via Sarpi and Bramante reflects the true meaning of social housing wanted by the Milan Polyclinic” – explained Marco Giachetti, President of the IRCCS Ca ‘Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico Foundation – “on the one hand, beautiful and modern homes at affordable prices for the weaker sections of the population; on the other, social interventions that benefit the whole city. History repeats itself, and I like to think that the values ​​of the ancient Ca ‘Granda, a hospitable place for all the needy, a sort of agora that embraced the whole city, have come down to us, and are renewed today through this project . These buildings were donated to the Milan Polyclinic with great generosity, and today the hospital returns this charity by restoring value to the city, while at the same time building the new Polyclinic, a great architectural work at the service of citizens, which will give even more value to our excellence in medical and scientific fields “.

Sergio Urbani, Director General of the Cariplo Foundation, declared: “Cariplo Foundation is committed to social housing both with so-called ‘impact’ investments and philanthropic activities, to support housing responses aimed at people in conditions of fragility in their own territory. The Foundation is particularly satisfied with its investment in the Cà Granda Fund which, in addition to having made it possible to complete the financing of the new hospital complex, renders an important service to the city by promoting social initiatives that build bonds together with welcoming, accessible and quality housing opportunities ” .

Giancarlo Scotti, Real Estate Director of CDP and CEO of CDP Immobiliare SGR, states: “This urban regeneration initiative summarizes the real estate strategy of CDP and the Fondo Investimenti per l’Abitare, also in line with the 2022-24 Strategic Business Plan. In recent years, the Group has demonstrated that it has developed a virtuous model of collaboration between public and private entities, such as banking foundations and health research institutes, capable of offering housing solutions at controlled rates, also in order to respond to the most recent trends. socio-demographic aspects of the country and to address the issue of sustainable living with attention to the social component of urban redevelopment interventions “.

Invest SGR has been a protagonist, since its inception, of urban and social regeneration projects in Milan and Italy, with over 120 social housing projects in the last 10 years. By virtue of our skills gained in the design and management of redeveloped properties, the Ca ‘Granda Fund aims to carry out efficient and high-level urban and social regeneration projects, which generate a real impact on the territory and on all the stakeholders involved ” declared Paolo Boleso, Head of Residential and Social Infrastructure of InvestiRE SGR (Banca Finnat Group). “The effects of these redevelopments have an impact not only on an architectural and urban planning level, but also on a social level, thanks to the implementation of specific projects carried out in concert with public bodies, primarily the Municipality of Milan and trade unions” concluded Boleso.

“We are very happy to start today, surrounded by the most important local institutions and partners, the construction of the first Ronald House in Milan, which will welcome children and families under treatment at the Milan Polyclinic and the” Vittore Buzzi “Children’s Hospital and that come from afar. The Ronald House in Milan was strongly desired by our entire system, to meet the reception needs of the most fragile families and to do well in the city where the Ronald Foundation and McDonald’s have their headquarters. Our House was born and grows in a social housing system, an element that makes the project even more relevant, by virtue of the projects and activities that can be activated with our neighbors and the inhabitants of the neighborhood “said Nicola Antonacci, President of the Ronald McDonald Italy Childhood Foundation.