Milan, wild boar in Darsena recovered and then dead

The intervention of the fire brigade after two weeks of searching for the animal

Recovered and then died on boar spotted in Dockto Milan, last August 4th. The firefighters, who intervened with the local police, provincial police and technical personnel of Mm, captured the animal inside a canal in Piazza Tripoli.

Female specimen, the boar he had entered a former drainage channel of the Olona river. The divers of the speleo-alpine-fluvial nucleus (Saf) of the fire brigade of Milan they had not initially managed to catch him, due to – they explained – his “excellent swimming skills”.

Four days after the sighting of the wild boar in Darsenaa capture cage had been placed in the canal by the firefighters, together with the Civil Protection and Mm technicians.

Recovery this morning, but sedated and taken to a recovery center, the animal died during transport. According to the rescuers, the death of the wild boar in Darsena it may have been caused by the debilitation due to the long period spent in the unhealthy environment of the sewer channels.