Milei wins the elections in Argentina, the ‘superhero’ president with the chainsaw

The far-right libertarian populist anarcho is known as El Peluca (the Wig) for his thick hair

The chainsaw at rallies, the singing performances disguised as a superhero, the show on stage like a rock star after victory in the elections. Javier Milei, the new president of Argentina, presents himself with a ‘special’ curriculum at the Casa Rosada.

Known as El Peluca (the Wig) for his thick hair, he has brandished the electric saw at rallies to show how he intends to thin the state budget.

Born in Buenos Aires to a modest family descended from Italians, Milei was a long-time university professor of macroeconomics. In 2014 he began appearing regularly on television and radio programs. First he attacked the conservative president Mauricio Macrì, then he targeted his Peronist successor Alberto Fernandez. And in 2021 he was elected deputy. Close to Trump and former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro, he participated in events of the ultra-right Vox party in Spain.

Candidate for the La Libertà Avanza party, Milei has declared himself a sworn enemy of the ‘political caste’, proposing the abolition of the Central Bank and thedollarisation of the economy. He denies climate change, considers sex education a conspiracy against the family, wants to ban abortion and liberalize gun ownership. And he sent a shiver down the spines of many by contesting the official figure of 30,000 disappeared during the Argentine dictatorship.