Miley Cyrus announces collaboration with a brand of tanning products

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The warm season has already begun for Miley Cyrus and it was understood by the rhythm and spirit of Flowers, the song that is making the singer from Tennessee conquer peaks of popularity and numbers of plays never reached before. After showing herself, very tanned, during her New Year’s show for American TV and in the video of her lucky single, where she performs a color to envythe pop star reveals her beauty secret and, at the same time, announces the first official collaboration with a brand of his career. From now on it is partner of Dolce Glowthe tanning products company founded by Isabel Alysa.

The partnership with Dolce Glow

Dolce Glow products have long been part of the beauty cases of stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner and Miley Cyrus herself He admitted Of been using them for yearsto the point of being convinced to make the transition from consumer to official partner.

The singer’s new album, Endless Summer Vacationwhich will be released worldwide next March 10thAnd the perfect hookup to announce what is the artist’s first collaboration with a brand.

Courted all her life by companies and brands of all kinds, Cyrus decided to invest in Isabel Alysa’s company because she believes so much in Dolce Glow which offers products made with the highest quality ingredients that guarantee an impeccable result.
The thirty-year-old defined Dolce Glow products on social networks “a must”. Thanks to them she managed to get the perfect tan in the images of video clips of Flowers where she lounges by the pool and trains in full underwear revealing a toned and tanned body with a natural effect.
The pop star therefore reveals the trick of his Californian and shiny complexionanother spy of the renewed well-being which is the basis of his latest and most inspired studio work.

The tan as a “boost” of confidence

In Flowers Miley Cyrus sang clearly that it’s time for everyone, especially for those like her who have been crushed for years by the weight of a wrong love, to get out of the vicious circle of bad thoughts by starting to take care of yourself. The partnership with a line of cosmetic and body care products arrives, then, at a perfect moment in her career and the whole Dolce Vita philosophy (the founder of the brand has Italian origins) marries incredibly with that Endless Summer Vacationliterally, the endless summer vacation, which is the very evocative title of his highly anticipated album – which features a piece called Care For Me which needs no explanation.
The spray tan it’s a obsessed with celebrities Hollywood and beyond. The awareness of the harmfulness of exposure to the sun’s rays, widespread in recent decades at all levels, has not made the stars lose their taste for an amber appearance that can be easily achieved through professional or do-it-yourself treatments, therefore lotions, mousses and sprays like those proposed by Dolce Glow, a company on the market since 2015.
The founder of Dolce Glow told wwd his entrepreneurial adventure, started from nothing and with the aim of giving women and men thatinjection of confidence that a tanned look is able to give people. Her products, which quickly conquered the public attracting the interest of stars of the caliber of Kylie Jenner, are vegan, cruelty free and are distributed in listed commercial circuits such as Revolve, Nordstrom, Saks and Neiman Marcus.