Milk quotas, Patuanelli: “The state must recover sums but not make companies go bankrupt”

The Minister of Agricultural Policies wants to address “the emergency for the seizure of current accounts of farmers who have not paid the fines but if the activities are blocked, companies close and nothing is recovered”

“It is evident that in this moment a situation is exploding that sees many producers subject to executive measures and foreclosure of current accounts, I believe that those who paid at the time, 32 thousand companies out of 35 thousand involved in the milk quotas must be protected , because he did what he was asked to do, it is also true that if the objective of our country, which is the object of an infringement on the subject of milk quotas, is to recover the sums not paid, regardless of the method of calculation, I believe that the worst possible way is to make companies fail. ” This is what the Minister of Agricultural Policies Stefano Patuanelli affirmed on the long-standing issue of fines not paid by farmers who have splafonated the milk quotas, during a hearing with the agricultural commissions of the Senate and the Chamber on the Pnrr and the Strategic Plan. national (Psn) as part of the new CAP.

Patuanelli then explained: “I believe that the emergency of foreclosures of accounts must be addressed, and therefore it is not a question of going to tell the producers you were right not to pay, you continue not to pay, and it is right that the Italian state intervenes to recover the amounts due and ascertained, – he specified – it is clear, however, that if I block an activity and make it fail, I do not recover absolutely anything “.