Milleproroghe 2023, from smart working to mortgages: the news to come

The decree is about to receive a vote of confidence from the Chamber by 27 February

From seaside resorts to smart working to healthcare: with over 350 new deadlines, the Milleproroghe 2023 decree – approved yesterday by the Senate – is about to receive the vote of confidence from the Chamber by 27 February. Under penalty of forfeiture of the provision. These are some of the main new arrivals.

MINI-FOLDERS EXCERPT. The deadline for deciding whether or not to adhere to the removal of the mini-folders 200-2015 for an amount up to one thousand euros is extended to 31 March.

CASHBACK. The rules extend to 31 July 2023 the deadline for communicating Iban and correct financial data or promoting disputes for the 43 thousand citizens affected by PagoPa-mediated reimbursements of the prize for participation in the cashback competition introduced by the Conte government to counter tax evasion.

BATHING EXTENSION. The extension of the beach concessions has been approved until 31 December 2024; in the event of objective impediments to the completion of the tenders, the current concessions would remain valid until the end of 2025.

SMART WORKING. Green light to smart working until 30 June for fragile workers and for parents with children under 14 in the private sector. In the public sector, on the other hand, the possibility of working from home only applies to the frail.

WORK. The possibility of resorting to supply contracts even beyond the envisaged 24 months has been extended until 2025.

DEHORS. The rule on free dehors for bars and restaurants has also been extended throughout 2023.

FANS. The activation of the fan consultation in professional sports clubs has been postponed to 1 July 2024.

YOUTH MORTGAGES. The date by which young couples with Isee up to 40 thousand euros can apply for subsidized mortgages for the purchase of their first home has been extended to 30 June 2023.

FUND NEW SKILLS. The Fund for new skills has been extended until 31 December 2023 to compensate for the loss of income of companies opting for staff training.

OCCUPIED HOUSES. The solidarity fund for the contribution to the owners of illegally occupied houses has been extended to the end of 2023.

COMPANY BONUS 4.0. The deadline for delivery of capital goods affected by the bonus on investments in tech and digital of the Transition 4.0 plan is extended to November 2023.

HEALTHCARE ELECTRONIC RECIPE. The use of electronic prescriptions in healthcare is extended until 31 December 2024.

FAMILY DOCTORS BOARD. The possibility of withdrawing from work for family doctors and paediatricians affiliated with the National Health Service has been extended up to 72 years of age, from the previous 70 years.

STOP EXTENSION SUPERBONUS VILLAS AND TV RIGHTS. On the other hand, nothing can be done for the more stringent rules on fictitious capital gains of sports clubs and those for the attribution of top positions in public administration to pensioners, the latter rule which however could reappear in the new legislative decree on governance of the Pnrr. Also stop the possibility of extending the concessions of sports television rights for a further two years and the extension of the 110% superbonus for villas.