Millie Bobby Brown ready to say goodbye to Stranger Things: “I want to dedicate myself to something else”

Millie Bobby Brown, the British actress who plays the role of Eleven/Jane Hopper in the television series Stranger Things created by the Duffer Brothers and distributed by Netflix, is about to say goodbye to the show. The star said in a recent interview with Glamour that she is ready to abandon the role that made her a star. She compared the show to high school graduation, saying, “When you’re ready, you say, ‘Okay, let’s get into this senior year. Let’s get out of here.'”

He emphasized the following: “Stranger Things It takes a long time to shoot and is a hindrance to creating stories I care about. So I’m ready to say ‘Thank you and goodbye’.”

In the interview given to the magazine Glamour, the English actress expressed her readiness for the next chapter of her career, admitting that the television series that made her successful also provided her with the tools and resources to become a better actress. Meanwhile, Millie Bobby Brown is ready to star alongside Chris Pratt in The Electric Statea post-apocalyptic adventure film directed by the Russo brothers.

The farewell to Stranger Things It doesn’t make her sad: “No one is dying”

This farewell to that world framed by the small screen that consecrated her as a diva doesn’t sadden her, on the contrary. Unlike most farewells, her farewell does not bring with it any kind of sadness: it is a happy, cheerful farewell, free of nostalgia and tears.

“No one is dying,” Millie Bobby Brown said. “When it ends, I will still be able to see these people,” added the legendary Eleven/Jane Hopper.

An actress who owes her enormous success to her role in Stranger Things

Millie bobby brown received critical praise for her performance in Stranger Things and was nominated for the SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series and a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.
He also shared with the rest of the cast of Stranger Things won the SAG Award for Outstanding Ensemble Performance in a Drama Series and was honored with the 43rd Saturn Award for Best Young Actor Performance in a Television Series.

For her role as Eleven in the second season of Stranger Thing, Millie Bobby Brown earned a second SAG Award and Primetime Emmy nomination in 2018.
We are talking about one of the television series most appreciated by critics and audiences ever: Stranger Things it has received 57 Primetime Emmy nominations and won 12 awards since its launch.