Milly Carlucci, a real nightmare in Ballando: one of his stars is having a bad time

The shame is infinite for what happened to an artist of Dancing with the Stars. This time Milly Carlucci has to keep her attention.

They often happen dramas to famous people, but some are right at the limit of the absurd. The dance format par excellence of Rai 1 has something to do with it, the one conducted by the historic presenter, Milly Carlucci and Dancing with the Stars. This is not the first time events have happened unpleasant such. Here is the whole truth.

Milly Carlucci in Dancing with the Stars (Credit Instagram)

Keeping up with what’s happening to the stars of the world of TV is not easy, but this case has achieved a media notoriety important precisely because of the seriousness of what happened.

The fans are totally shocked, Milly Carlucci apologizes, and hopes for a better future for Dancing with the Stars, and throughout the television schedule.

Dancing with the Stars, Milly Carlucci intervenes!

The words are dangerous, because many can hurt if said in a certain way, or in any case if you even just think about it. Television is a vehicle of information, messages and culture, which some have advanced people leaves nothing short of dumbfounded. Here is what happened and all the truth that is told by the person concerned.

Titova Rosolino
Natalia Titova and Massimiliano Rosolino (Source: Instagram)

Talking is Natalia Titova, a well-known face of television linked to the world of Latin Americans. She was also a teacher at the Canale 5 school, Friends of Maria De Filippi, but it is to its original program that it returns.

At the professional dancer something unthinkable has happened. She has been in Italy for many years now, and is loved by all. Too bad there are also those who criticism and yells at her in the street not very nice comments, because snore!

“A lady, for example, asked her: “You are Ukrainian, aren’t you?”. – said Massimiliano Rosolino in the afternoon broadcast of Rai2, Beautiful màShe naturally replied: “No, I’m Russian”. The lady ran away… In another case, there was a subject who hated her, again due to the fact that she was born in Russia. ”

There Titova she is harassed on the street for her origins. Milly Carlucci and all the team of Dancing with the Stars they don’t believe their eyes. This is to demonstrate that the racism it is a social plague that is still too present.

Put i chills, to know that these distinctions are still being made in 2022, and that free hatred is being spread in full view of all. Talking about it is important, because it is a drama which has hurt many people, some have even taken their own lives!