Milly Carlucci expected nothing of the kind: sensational indiscretion

Milly Carlucci did not expect anything of the kind: the sensational indiscretion concerns the next edition of Dancing with the stars.

Summer is now in full swing and, as always, the main programs on our TV are on vacation, waiting to be back on the air next season. And among the faces that we will undoubtedly see again on the small screen there will be her, Milly Carlucci.

Milly Carlucci, the indiscretion concerns Dancing with the stars 2022: what could happen (Youtube credits)

The presenter, in fact, will be back on the air with her beloved Saturday night program, Dancing with the Stars. And, precisely with regard to the show dedicated to dance, a really succulent indiscretion has sprung up … Are you curious to find out what could happen in the Rai house? We tell you everything.

Milly Carlucci, the indiscretion concerns Dancing with the stars 2022: what could happen

Among the programs most loved by Italian viewers there is Dancing with the Stars. For many years now, the Rai Uno broadcast has been a guarantee of success for Rai Uno, which entrusts Milly Carlucci with a prominent evening like that of Saturday night. And a very interesting indiscretion has sprung up on the new edition of the show.

To reveal it is Bubino Blog, which talks about the possibility of an extension to the show dedicated to aspiring VIP dancers. According to the indiscretion, Rai would have thought of running the program until a few days before Christmas: it would therefore be expected one more bet compared to past editions elthe final would be postponed to December 23rd.

We repeat, however, that there is still no official news and that it is a simple indiscretion. What is certain, however, is that the show will start on Rai Uno Saturday 8 October 2022. Who will be the VIP competitors who will get involved to the rhythm of salsa, jive and cha cha cha?

dancing with the Stars
The announcement of the winners of Dancing with the stars 2021 (Credits Instagram)

Again, we will have to wait a little longer for official news on the cast. The only certain name, at the moment, is that of Iva Zanicchi: the singer will be one of the contestants of Dancing and we are sure that we will see some good ones. We can’t wait to see the new VIPs take to the track, and you?