Mimmo Paladino: “The Divine Comet is my Christmas movie”

The painter and sculptor goes back behind the camera with a hymn to beauty, presented at the Rome Festival

“This is a Christmas film. Of course, with different characteristics from cinepanettoni. But I would like it to be seen in the hall by as many people as possible, before it arrives on TV. And in fact there will be many projections-events around the world. ‘Italy”. Like this Mimmo Paladino Talks about ‘The Divine Comet‘, his new feature film as a director presented yesterday at the Rome Film Fest. The painter and sculptor is back behind the camera, 16 years after his latest film work, ‘Quijote’. “But this time – he explains to Adnkronos – with the ambition of making a film that had broader communicative characteristics than the previous one. And it seems to me that the crowded hall, with over 500 people, yesterday at the Rome festival, proved me right. “, points out.

With the complicity of a large group of actors, “who are above all friends”, Paladino gives life to a peculiar narrative of Christmas, where “the message, if we want to find a main one, is that of the Magi they bring, no one knows well where, something that is getting lost: beauty “. The magi of painting, music, poetry, theater and nothingness are Ferdinando Bruni, Francesco De Gregori, Nino D’Angelo, Alessandro Haber and Giovanni Esposito. “I must say that, accustomed to working alone in my studio on my paintings and sculptures, for me cinema is a celebration of energy and sociability”, he explains. “Even if there are similarities with painting, because basically we always talk about a screen that is painted in some way”, he remarks.

Thus, in his Christmas scripted with Maurizio Braucci, the artist unites sea and nativity scene, Dante and Giordano Bruno, Shakespeare and Eduardo De Filippo. “In total freedom of expression for which I thank the producers”, says the director-artist. ‘La Divina Cometa’ will be broadcast in the coming months by both Rai and Sky Arte. Among the accomplices of this feature film there are also Toni Servillo, Sergio Rubini, Tonino Taiuti, Giovanni Veronesi, Luigi Credendino, Tomas Arana, Elio De Capitani. All united in the exhortation to “the courage to live in beauty and nature, without fear”.