Mina, I love you like a fool is a photo novel set to music

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The Italian songbook is enriched with a new chapter. Is called I love you like crazy and bears the signature of mine. Almost four years later Mina Fossatithe artist from Cremona returns with an album of unreleased songs embellished with a single reinterpretation, All a Man Of Sergio Cammariere. It is part of the album, which will be published in several versions to satisfy collectors always looking for numbered things and is distributed by Pirames, also Poor love which will be part of the new film by Ferzan Ozpetek New Olympus; so the director, connected via Skype, spoke of the collaboration with mine: “It will be on the credits of New Olympus but we’re talking about it, there’s a constant exchange of ideas between us. Mina reads my screenplays and she sees their strengths and weaknesses. She is a supernatural being to her look at her. Songs she sent me two or three but I immediately fell in love with the Poor love. The film starts in 1978 and ends in 2015 and there is also another Mina song from the second half of the seventies. I am not a music expert but a homebody who hears music. Mina is one of the most important people in my life, I sent my first novel draft to her by cell phone and after a few hours she told me it would be a success. But you also preview the scripts. When I have thoughts I often wonder what she would think. I won’t add anything else because telling about our daily life is not right for her way of life, for her life choices ”.

With Massimiliano Panison of minewe enter the microgrooves of I love you like crazyan album that is destined to write a new, intense chapter of what has been renamed the “Italian songwriter”.

Massimiliano here we are at the first unpublished after that Mina Fossati of November 2019.

These are all pieces of love, it’s a photo novel that caresses many musical worlds, from the sad to the beautiful, up to what ends well and what instead goes wrong. The cover mentions the photo novel, one of the few times that is consistent with the project. It has an ironic line, the pieces that seem minor are actually not. There is only one cover by Sergio Cammariere.
He continues his search for young collaborators.

He has received many pieces from young people, many of them are kids who weren’t born when he stopped doing concerts and didn’t even do television anymore. This allows me to state that Mina is many different singers.
Does Mina occasionally call any of these young people?

She is the only one who gives satisfaction to young people by singing songs by strangers over the years. I think it’s been years since they’ve done duets in person, even abroad. She has her character, she’s made her way. She is consistent with her choices and with herself.
The glue of I love you like crazy?

She who is the interpreter. She does what she feels like doing with great courage and freedom because the rest are different songs by different authors.
He tries his hand at Neapolitan with Don Salvato by Enzo Avitabile, which is an open letter to God.

It belongs to a world of its own, Neapolitan music, and Mina has made two records on it. She has found a piece of Avitabile in very narrow Neapolitan which is part of the things she loves. She chooses the songs that excite her and then they become a puzzle that is completed. That piece hit her. Let’s not forget that she is an interpreter and not a songwriter, a job that perhaps no one does anymore today.
Are there many pieces to listen to?

I’d say 5, 6 thousand pieces a year, listen to everything personally and we’re three years behind. The Garden, to say, arrived before he, Mattia Lezi, participated in 2018 in X Factor. His is a long listening work that brings results over the years. Audio 2, who sent Snowthey had another job, only then they started working in the music business.
Why didn’t you ask Sergio Cammariere to play the piano in All a Man?

Until the work is finished you don’t know if a piece is going to be on the disc and therefore it would have been almost an offense to ask for it to be performed and then not put it on. I hope you’re happy to know it’s on the album. Can I invite you to a reflection?

It is the sociological moment. Mina does the opposite of everyone and everything and yet she is credible, trendsetting and arousing interest. And it’s been 45 years since she’s done concerts and 47 years since she’s been on television. She doesn’t promote. You have known how to destroy and recreate your own image, as perhaps only Renato Zero and David Bowie have done, and in any case after you. She has chosen to do only what interests her, she proposes something that first of all fascinates her. Yours is an intellectual need, as long as you want you will. Her story teaches that when she’s not convinced she stops.
You who are La Voce, what do you think of today’s singers?

The singers propose their world and sound, there is identification. Today it is more interesting to propose an identity than to sing well.
Has the hypothesis of being the artistic director of Sanremo lapsed?

It was talked about but when she said she really would…it was all over.