Mina Settembre, the sensational decision: that’s how it was established

Mina Settembre, the sensational decision: it was established like this; the news concerns the second season of the Rai fiction.

After the usual summer break, the main TV programs are ready to return to the air. From reality shows to fiction, everything is ready for the restart of a new, highly anticipated, television season. Where the beloved will also return Mina September.

Mina Settembre (Credits Raiplay)

The fiction that tells the story of the Neapolitan social worker is one of the most loved by the Italian public. Also thanks to Serena Rossi, absolute protagonist of the series, in the role of Gelosmina ‘Mina’ Settembre. But when the second season airs of the Rai Uno fiction? In this regard, there is a resounding change of plans. Here’s what was decided.

Mina Settembre, the decision concerns the second season: what will happen

A great success, as practically always happens when it comes to Rai fiction. Let’s talk about Mina Settembre, the television series freely inspired by the tales of Maurizio De Giovanni, which conquered the public with the first, intense, season. Audience who is now anxiously awaiting the second chapter of the fiction. Which, however, will come later than expected. As reported by DavideMaggio.it, in fact, lbeginning of the second season of Mina Settembre sled.

The airing of the first episodes of Mina Settembre 2 was scheduled for Sunday 25 September 2022, but everything has changed: the first episode of the second season will be broadcast Sunday 2 October 2022, exactly one week later. The reason, according to DavideMaggio.it, would be linked to political elections, which will be held on 25 September. That evening, Bruno Vespa and Monica Maggioni will update the Italians on the first results of the voting starting at 11 pm: this would have led to the early closure of the episode of Mina Settembre.

It is for this reason that it was decided to postpone the departure of Mina Settembre 2 by seven days, to allow the public to fully enjoy the new stories of the beloved character played by Serena Rossi. What will air, in prime time, on Sunday 25 September instead of the series? Amadeus will take care of keeping the public company in prime time, with a special episode of I soliti ignoti, the game show aired every evening starting at 8:35 pm.

mina september decision
Serena Rossi (Credits Raiplay)

In the second season of Mina Settembre, alongside Serena Rossi, we will find all the main protagonists of the series, from Giorgio Pasotti (Claudio), to Giuseppe Zeno (Mimmo), up to Christiane Filangieri (Irene). There will, however, also be an excellent new entry. Let’s talk about Marisa Laurito, who will make her big comeback on TV playing Rosa, an aunt of the protagonist, who will suddenly break into Mina’s house. Twelve new episodes, which we will see on the air in six first evenings (two for each night), full of twists and emotions. Appointment on Sunday 2 October 2022, we can’t wait and you?