MinaCelentano, a complete story where… Nothing has been lost

The starting point is that they love each other since childhood, Mina And Celentano, then they continued with different careers where they defined their own way of being an artist. Massimiliano Pani he says that in 1998 they started talking about sharing a project, they hypothesized to choose five songs each from the repertoire, but they preferred to take risks with two unreleased albums. Claudia Mori underlines the strong spirit of collaboration and “despite being very different they have chosen to work lightly but seriously”. Celso Valli starts from the memories of the gymnasium: “I went very badly to school and I dreamed of working with them and it happens that first he calls me Mina, then Celentano, I know Claudia Mori and years later I work with both”. The involvement of Fio Zanotti comes with a phone call in 1995 from Claudia Mori who “invited me to their house and have the opportunity to work together and for me it was a dream. They asked me if I had a piece ready, I made him hear an instrumental thing, Adriano had an idea and was born Dance with you. With him we improvised and improvised still today “. The original point of contact was a mutual friend and, adds Mori that” as a fan, I wanted to listen to something they did together, also facilitated by the recording contracts that allowed it. I talked about it with Massimiliano Pani and the idea started “.

Both albums used the creativity of Mauro Balletti, which featured the video of Nothing was lost. The two albums from 2008 and 2016 were recorded in different places and ways. The first was almost all recorded in Lugano and in the studio “there was a laughing but professional atmosphere – remembers Mori – I brought the marron glacé that no one wanted to eat for fear of gaining weight but then disappeared”. Fio Zanotti says that “once Claudia Mori scolded us because we ate salami and I told her to call a taxi. And Adriano commented: Claudia, try to take the taxi slowly”.

In 1998 they bravely chose to make new songs, the same happened in 2016 where they always shunned the idea of ​​collecting their famous songs. Nothing was lost it is a text of a few years ago recorded now, aside there are others but none is definitively recorded. Mina And Celentano they feel, The Complete Recordings it was coordinated with each other: she recorded in Lugano and he in Galbiate. Their being there without being there is unique in the world and therefore no second thoughts on live performances even if Massimiliano Pani he confesses that “every now and then Mina throws down a setlist and the essential pieces she should do if she wanted to do a concert are 48: this is also a unique case in the world”. Looking to the future Claudia Mori says that “something is cooking but Adriano does not reveal anything to me so he is really working on it. He has been telling me for a year that he is putting order on the computer and now I don’t believe it anymore. On instragram he wrote that he would like to come back on TV? The idea is there, but we need to understand if it will suffer censorship, as has happened in the past “. Slope Mina, Massimiliano Pani adds that “there are many ideas but we will talk about them in 2022 and about the artistic direction of the Sanremo Festival, news that I don’t know how it came out, no one from Rai has ever called us”. Two different careers with points of contact and a single common denominator: curiosity.