Minecraft – The Movie, unveiled the release date of the film with Jason Momoa

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Fans of the Minecraft video game have been teased for some time now by the idea of ​​the release of a film that traces its plot, with Jason Momoa as the protagonist. The wait to understand how the writers were able to adapt the game to a film is understandable but unfortunately the impatient will have to resign, because the release date of the film adaptation of the product has been further moved forward and the new release forecast may not be to their liking. There are probably production problems behind the further postponement of the projection, but work is still proceeding.

When will Minecraft – The Movie be released?

The Hollywood Reporter revealed the new release date of the film on Minecraft, according to which the film with Jason Momoa could arrive in theaters no earlier than April 4, 2025. Yes, there are still two years left to see the transposition on the big screen of the video game. From what was known, the film should have been released in March 2022 but the well-known production delays generated by Covid had convinced a postponed release which, however, many had still criticized because the film was initially supposed to be released in 2019. The production of this film does not seem particularly lucky if we also consider the changes to the direction, which at the moment (but no further changes are expected) has been entrusted to Jared Hess. With him, the creative differences with Mojang that were the basis of some delays should have been resolved, but the further two-year postponement of the film’s release still remains a mystery. Although it is confirmed that production is proceeding, no particular details on the film have been revealed, which suggests that the works are still on the high seas and without a certain start forecast.

What is known about Minecraft – The Movie

In reality, nothing is known about the film except the synopsis that Mojang himself revealed four years ago, in 2019, when it seemed that the release of the film was imminent: “The evil Ender Dragon has embarked on a path of devastation, prompting a young girl and her band of offbeat adventurers to set out on a mission to save the Overworld.” However, given the changes and vicissitudes suffered by the film, it is not even known if all this is still valid or if, instead, there have been some changes. In fact, we don’t even know what Jason Momoa’s role is in this film, whether he will be the protagonist or the villain, what will be the weight of him in his dynamics. Also because, except for his name, no other protagonists of the cast have been revealed, a sign that this work is still on the high seas.