Minimum wage, Chamber approves majority request for referral to commission

Twenty-one votes, Fratelli d’Italia: “No signal”. Conte: “This government has decided to turn its back on Italians”. Schlein: “For the majority, escape from reality”

The Chamber of Deputies approved the majority’s request to refer the minimum wage to the committee. The difference in votes was 21. The request for postponement, for “in-depth analysis” after the opinion provided by Cnel, was requested by the president of the Labor commission Walter Rizzetto (Brothers of Italy) at the opening of the session of the chamber in the Chamber . Long live the protest of the opposition.

“If the opposition is so scared and worried about the CNEL, the constitutional body, they can always try to call a referendum to abolish it and abandon politics, if they ever lose it. Making mistakes is human, but persevering is diabolical”, commented Rizzetto.

“No political signal.” Thus the group leader of the Brothers of Italy in the Chamber, Tommaso Foti, to the reporters in the Chamber who asked him if behind the only 21 difference with which the referral of the minimum wage to the commission was passed, there was an internal political signal to the majority. “If you look at the average of the other votes, the percentages are the same as always. I don’t think there are any differences.” The opposition pointed out that there would have been the most numerous absences among the Forza Italia benches: “I look after my people and they were all present”, replied Foti.


“The request to postpone the minimum wage” to the commission “is simply the news of an announced escape, your escape from reality. Instead of equity, it proposes amnesties, bribes and cuts to universal rights such as school and healthcare”, he said Elly Schlein in the Chamber after the request of the majority.

The proposal on the minimum wage saw “Meloni throw the ball in the stands due to the embarrassment of saying no to a law also appreciated by a portion of the electorate who voted for you”, added the secretary of the Democratic Party, underlining: “” What we are voting for today is a blow to 3 and a half million poor workers”. So “you are saying that for you” those poor workers “do not count for anything”.


“We should face reality and put aside flags and forcefully say all together that Italy cannot remain among the only 5 countries out of 27 in Europe that do not have a minimum wage. This is not happening because the government has decided to turn our backs on the Italians and deceive them with the next maneuver, as President Meloni did by saying that she will give 100 euros more to the workers’ paychecks when instead it is about confirming what they already get today”, he said Giuseppe Conte in the Chamber of Deputies. “Giorgia Meloni was chosen to decide, not to let Brunetta’s CNEL decide”, Conte then added, speaking of “a perfect crime against a measure of civility”. “A referral to the commission to let it die there. But we won’t allow it, neither referrals nor meline, no more slaps in this room”, added the leader of the M5S.


“On the minimum wage, the majority is making a dramatic mistake for the lives of many Italians who work and struggle. We have expressed our willingness to cancel the fund for business support and therefore cause the measure to have 0 impact on public finances. Not even these Meloni said the conditions were ok. Wrong, unfair and short-sighted attitude.” As Carlo Calenda on Twitter.

“It’s not just a problem of escape. It’s an operation to misdirect responsibility because the majority doesn’t want to take the responsibility of saying that they don’t want the minimum wage and they don’t take responsibility because they know that the citizens want the minimum wage” , said the leader of Action-IV, Matteo Richettiin the Chamber.

“Let’s go back to the commission and do what? The law on bargaining is not lacking in Italy. Let’s make a law on representation when the CNEL has split representation. Here there is a problem of democratic substance: this is Parliament and the opposition has the right to have points of discussion and voting and the majority has every right to reject opposition proposals but not to prevent the vote”, he added.

Opposition: “Over 500 thousand signatures have been collected, the battle continues”

Meanwhile, the opposition, in a meeting in the Chamber, had announced that over 500 thousand signatures had been collected throughout the country on the minimum wage proposal: “The collection of signatures will continue. The battle does not end here. We will use every possible tool: amendments, motions, Odg. We will never let this proposal fall, because this front is essential.”

Even the idea of ​​taking to the streets together is in the pipeline: “There will be no shortage of demonstrations and the opposition is also considering its own initiative”, assured Franco Mari (Avs). “Today there is a risk of a hostile act being carried out, of havoc of this proposal, with indifference and arrogance. Because there is no alternative proposal from the majority, just fluff – explained Cecilia Guerra, of the Democratic Party, on the eve of the examination in the Chamber of the minimum wage. Today they will either reject the proposal or ask for yet another extension for the opinion of the CNEL, which is not something new but a remote-controlled rejection. On the other hand we have either a refusal or nothing.”

Riccardo Magi, secretary of + Europe, underlined the fact that “clarity is needed, the opposition have put forward a common proposal. Only delaying maneuvers have come from the government and the majority. Today there is a show down”. For Magi, “the majority may win with the strength of numbers, but in the country they have already lost”. According to Antonio D’Alessio, of Azione, “in reality the majority is not so compact”. While for Nunzia Catalfo, of the M5s, “the topic is deeply felt: we are talking about the application of article 36 of the Constitution, the right to a free and dignified existence”.