Minimum wage, Conte: “We will not give the government a break”

The M5S leader: “Meloni rekindles a very serious conflict with the judiciary”

“We will never give the government a break on the legal minimum wage. If they are guilty of this serious responsibility, we are ready to make it a European battle, for the future of the country”. He told Sky Agenda on SkyTg24 the leader of the M5S, Giuseppe Conte. On the minimum wage, Conte remarked, “today there are oppositions, but there is no government”.

And again: “We will press the president of the Senate Ignazio La Russa until we take away the annuities of all former parliamentarians”. Those elected, Conte remarked, “must enjoy an economic treatment linked to the contribution mechanism”.

We are facing a “dramatic situation. Seeing that the 209 billion of the Pnrr risk going to waste, seeing Meloni talking about state protection money – Salvini added yesterday, according to whom the Italians are hostage to the Revenue Agency … All this hurts and pushes us to work even harder to change pace”, he said again, adding: “Someone deluded themselves that there was a turning point, that a new discourse could finally be set up for the correct distribution of powers between the big agglomerations of the state. In reality, Meloni has plunged us back into the era of maximum conflict with the judiciary and it is a very serious thing”.

“It is unacceptable that the Prime Minister should raise conflict with the magistrates in such an aggressive way. Meloni wants to suggest that the judiciary is investigating Delmastro and Santanchè because it is ideological… La Russa was also wrong to intervene with outstretched leg in a delicate matter involving his son”, observed the former prime minister.