Minimum wage, opposition on the barricades. Schlein: “It’s not something from the USSR”

Two days of battle in the Labor Committee in the Chamber: “We ask you to withdraw the suppressive amendment”

Opposition on minimum wage barricades in House Labor Committee. Tonight the first round with the intervention of Elly Schlein, tomorrow 19 July it’s up to Giuseppe Conte, Nicola Fratoianni and Matteo Richetti to ask the majority to withdraw the suppressive amendment presented in the commission.


“The minimum wage exists in all European countries. It is missing in 4 or 5 countries, I checked. It’s not something from the Soviet Union, I think Minister Tajani said so. It’s a European question”, says Elly Schlein in reply to the blue leader. “The oppositions have joined forces to propose a law that does two very simple things: it strengthens collective bargaining” and “establishes a threshold below which even collective bargaining cannot go. We have identified that threshold at 9 euros per hour. Below which it is exploitation, it cannot and must not be legal”, the dem secretary articulates. “Below the threshold of 9 euros per hour – insists – the dignity of work is trampled onis exploitation. It can’t be legal.”

“Are the majority okay with the situation as it is? E with what face you will address those families“, to the 3.5 million working poor, after approving your suppressive amendment?”.

We ask you to withdraw that amendment and to address this matter properly. We ask you to face reality. Italy is the only European country in which wages have not only not increased but decreased by 3 percentage points. Doesn’t this issue deserve to be addressed together? It cannot be swept away with a suppressive amendment”.

“We think – adds the leader of the Democratic Party – that fixed-term contracts should be limited, it would be a qualitative leap for this country. Can’t you hear how loud the silence of those who no longer enter the voting booth is? In that 50% and more who no longer vote there are above all the lower income brackets. This is why it is important to withdraw the suppressive amendment and to have a discussion on the merits with us who have tabled this proposal. I think, dear majority and dear colleagues, that everyone is interested because the percentage of abstention continues to increase and increases among people in poverty who have stopped believing in us and in you”.


“To say that the minimum wage is a measure from the Soviet Union means not having the measure of the international context: in the United States there is a minimum wage and in 2015 in Germany it was introduced by that dangerous Bolshevik Angela Merkel”, recalls Andrea Orlando.