Minimum wage, oppositions withdraw signatures: Conte tears up the text in the Chamber

The bill has undergone too many changes and is no longer the original one. With this motivation, the opposition parties withdrew their signatures from the PDL on the minimum wage during the discussion in Montecitorio. “They have distorted the meaning of our proposal, they have made waste of it”, the leader of the M5s Giuseppe Conte said in the Chamber. “Not in our name are you betraying the expectations of the workers”, reiterated the secretary of the Democratic Party Elly Schlein

There is a clash in the Chamber over the minimum wage after the opposition’s amendment was rejected. The original bill, which provided for 9 euros gross per hour by law and of which Giuseppe Conte was also the first signatory, no longer has anything to do with the current text that arrived in the Chamber. With this motivation, the united center-left decided to withdraw its signature from the proposal which, as the leader of the 5 Star Movement remarked, has become “waste paper”. Words that turned into action when the Conte himself, accompanying his speech in the Chamber, decided to tear out the pages of the text amidst the applause of his party. “You will not carry out this treacherous gesture – he said – in my name and in the name of the M5S. For this reason I am withdrawing my signature from this measure because you are making waste of the legal minimum wage. This battle has been slowed down, but we will win it because the Country is with us.”

Conte: “Meloni and his associates take off their masks”

For the number one member of the Five Star Movement, the original bill was “overturned” by the majority who, “after various dances, various theatrics and postponements, expedients of various kinds and stratagems of various kinds”, voted no to the legal minimum wage”. Today, he added, “Giorgia Meloni and her associates remove their masks. With the same arrogance with which they stop the Ministers’ trains, today they stop the hope of almost 4 million workers paid 3 or 4 euros an hour to which we could have increased the salary”.

Schlein: the Democratic Party also removes the signature

“I communicate my desire to remove my signature from this bill”, the secretary of the Democratic Party Elly Schlein also declared in the chamber. “This – she underlined – is no longer the minimum wage proposal of the opposition because the majority has emptied the proposal of every meaning with the usual arrogance. Let’s remove our signatures: not in our name are you betraying the expectations of the workers”. The dem leader then addressed the majority directly: “You are stabbing exploited people in the back because you don’t have the courage to look them in the eyes while you bury a fair proposal for Italy. If you have the votes to govern but governing doesn’t mean humiliating the prerogatives of the opposition, this is not a right you have, the constitution does not authorize you to abuse power. You never wanted to talk about minimum wage, you chose the path of conspiracy and silence.” And she concluded: “You should have been a government by the Italians while you are a government by the exploiters and you gave the workers a slap.”