Minimum wage, part of collecting signatures of oppositions

The parties invite you to sign the petition

The collection of signatures of oppositions on the minimum wage begins. “If you also think that in Italy it is necessary to set a minimum wage, sign it! We need your support. It’s simple, it’s immediate, just sign on or at the banquets at the Festa dell’ Unity,” he explains on Twitter Elly Schleinsecretary of the Democratic Party, launching the petition to collect signatures.

“Even in these hours, a clear closure to the legal minimum wage has arrived from some government officials – he writes on Facebook Joseph Conte, president of the Movimento 5 Stelle – On Friday at Palazzo Chigi, after months of debate in Parliament, President Meloni did not make any counter-proposal: involving Brunetta’s Cnel, which, moreover, has publicly expressed itself against this measure in the past, is only a way to throw the ball into the stands while 3.6 million male and female workers continue to receive starvation wages. Our proposal to introduce a minimum wage of 9 euros gross per hour is in Parliament, and despite the attempts of the majority to boycott it, we are not stopping! From today you will be able to fight this battle with us, by signing the popular petition that we are officially launching today together with the other opposition forces to make the government hear the voice of citizens who have no voice, such as the 20,000 who gathered in Rome last 17 June gathered to say ‘No more precarious lives'”. “Here is the link with all the instructions. I ask you to sign the petition and help spread it through your contacts. Let’s make our voice heard!” concludes the pentastellato leader by launching the petition.

“After the meeting on the minimum wage wanted by President Meloni who reiterated her no to a measure of great social justice, a great mobilization of the opposition is starting today – says the co-spokesman of Green Europe and deputy in a video published on social media of the Alleanza Verdi e Sinistra, Angelo Bonelli – A petition to collect signatures in all the cities of Italy and we of Alleanza Verdi e Sinistra will make a great contribution to support a measure of great social justice to say no to job insecurity and underpaid work”.

“Over three and a half million poor workers need the minimum wage. The majority of Italian workers need wages that increase instead of decreasing. This is why we continue to fight for our proposal, for this we will collect signatures in the country, that’s why we will continue to put pressure on the majority who continue to be deaf and without answers”, he says Nicola Fratoianninational secretary of the Italian Left and deputy of the Greens and Left Alliance, launching the petition for the minimum wage on social networks.

Appeal on social media also from Action: “The minimum wage has been a measure that has been present for years in all G7 countries. The only exception concerns Italy. It is time to reverse course and guarantee working citizens respect and dignity. It is a principle of civilization enshrined in the our Constitution. We have presented our proposal to the government. Now support it too, sign the petition for the minimum wage now”.