Minimum wage, reaches 5000 euros in supermarkets in Switzerland

The Aldi Suisse chain announces salary increases in 2024

The salary of a supermarket employee reaches 5000 euros. It is the sum that Aldi Suisse employees will receive every month in Switzerland, for 13 months. The company has announced that the salary will be increased to 4700 francs, approximately 4970 euros, with an increase of 1% in 2024. “Our collaborators do excellent work every day, and we want to reward this commitment. And of course we want to guarantee the their financial well-being even in difficult economic times”, says Jerome Meyer, Country Managing Director of Aldi Suisse.

The general salary increase for next year is 1%. The distribution giant announces the increase in the minimum wage to 4,700 francs (for 13 months) instead of the current 4,646 francs. In addition to the increase, the company highlights, all collaborators receive an attractive benefits package which includes a one-off bonus and a shopping voucher. In addition, apprentices receive a free mobile phone subscription.

Aldi has increased wages every year since it entered the market in 2005. “Moreover, our company offers an ever-increasing amount of benefits for its employees, including for example five weeks’ holiday for everyone, four weeks of paternity leave and 18 weeks of 100% paid maternity leave as well as two-thirds of pension contributions covered All apprentices, regardless of age, are entitled to six weeks’ holiday and will receive a free mobile phone subscription from Aldi from 2024 Suisse Mobile”, communicates the company.