Minimum wage, Schlein ‘calls’ opposition to common battle

Conte’s tweet shortly before the intervention of the Pd secretary in the courtroom. Leader dem: “Let’s face each other”

Minimum salary as a glue on which to test the possibility of building a single opposition. The theme brings everyone together, from the Pd to the M5S, from the Third Pole to the Green-Left alliance. They call it “our workhorse”, the “founding theme”, on both sides. The differences between the various positions are played out on the basis of cents, between those who offer 9 and those who offer 10 euros an hour. But in short, the first unitary position of the oppositions since the beginning of the legislature could really materialize if even Calenda has called for a common battle, even with the M5S, on the minimum wage of 9 euros.

The call to arms starts from Elly Schlein who, during the question time to the Prime Minister, questions Giorgia Meloni precisely on the minimum wage, asking for “dignity for those who work” and to “immediately approve a minimum wage and equal leave”. Of course, a handful of minutes before the intervention of the secretary of the Democratic Party, once the question time had begun, Giuseppe Conte’s tweet arrives to announce the scheduling of the proposal on the minimum wage by M5S, and now “we will see who is against, who is for the yes, who for the ni “, writes the leader of the grillini.

An attempt to reaffirm the paternity of the battle? Schlein, who was asked by reporters about Conte’s tweet, responded by relaunching his willingness to try to unite the opposition. “I wanted to reiterate in the courtroom that on the subject of the minimum wage, the other oppositions have also presented proposals, which have been rejected by the majority. I have long hoped that on this matter there will be convergence with all the other oppositions to wage a battle together in Parliament and in the country”.

For Schlein, the closure on the minimum wage, reaffirmed today in the courtroom by Prime Minister Meloni, represents a further push to form a common front. “There will be a way to confront each other to carry on a battle together, also given the response given by Meloni today which was negative”.

For the M5S group leader in the Chamber, Francesco Silvestri, it is simply a matter of “wanting to objectively see how many forces a battle is fought with. We need to know it”, given that in the last legislature, they recall among the pentastellati, the convergence on the minimum wage with the Pd had not been found, but in the end now the more, the better. And the times, they say, seem ripe for a common battle, given how much the dem secretary seems to care about. Vittoria Baldino is convinced of this: “I think the time is right now because it seems that the new secretary is convinced to continue on this issue and we are very happy because we have been looking for this convergence for years”.

And the Greens and the Italian Left are also convinced of this: for them, they say, the minimum wage (to be pursued together with the reduction of working hours) is absolutely the theme on which to build a convergence that is not only desirable but necessary. So much so that the national secretary of the Italian Left Nicola Fratoianni addresses Schlein and Conte directly: “I tell Giuseppe and Elly that it would be useful to meet, discuss and build a great common battle. Let’s do it. It would be the first step of a new phase, a phase that has the concrete life of millions of people at its centre”.