Minimum wage, Schlein: “Reached 300,000 signatures”

The announcement of the Dem secretary: “It’s time to wage war on pirate contracts”. And he attacks the government on the taxman: “They do favors for those who evade and those who work black but they have raised taxes on fuel”

“We have reached 300,000 signatures for the minimum wage.” This was announced by Elly Schlein in a speech at the celebration of Unity in Villastrada, in the province of Perugia. “It’s time to wage war on pirate contracts”, says the secretary of the Democratic Party.


So the dem secretary criticizes the government’s tax policies: “They do the favors to those who escape and whoever plays black, we ask for more fiscal progressivity “, he attacks.


“Do we all remember Meloni from the video against excise duties? And now they have increased them…”, underlines Schlein. “We ask answers immediately with the extra revenue that comes from VAT: let’s immediately put those resources to help and support the most fragile groups” and “let’s put them on local public transport”, says the secretary of the Democratic Party.


Then from the stage of the Unity party, Schlein sends a “strong hug of solidarity to the affected areas” and to the mayors who “have not received refreshments after months. We strongly ask for a quick response and instead we are witnessing a vulgar politicization as we have seen on the question of the commissioner and then again in recent weeks “, he presses.


So speaking of the increasingly frequent cases of violence against women, the dem leader states that “we need to make a large investment in preventionwhich starts from schools, from education to differences, because we need to eradicate the mistaken idea that there is a right of possession over women’s bodies”.


As for the protests of local administrators on the reception of migrants, “the mayors are right to ask for more resources“, he says. “We invite the government to immediately convene the mayors to understand what is needed for reception policies”.