Minimum wage, surprise Meloni-Fratoianni ‘pre-summit’ by plane

The two leaders were on vacation in Puglia, the same flight to reach the table at Palazzo Chigi

Surprise ‘pre-summit’ by plane between Giorgia Meloni and Nicola Fratoianni before the summit at Palazzo Chigi on the minimum wage. The prime minister and the national secretary of the Italian Left accidentally found themselves on the same scheduled Brindisi-Rome flight. Both, in fact, returned from the sea of ​​Puglia. Since yesterday evening in the Itria Valley for a family holiday (with her partner Andrea Giambruno, her daughter Ginevra, her sister Arianna and her brother-in-law, the Minister of Agriculture Francesco Lollobrigida) the president of Fratelli d’Italia made a brief pit stop in the capital (without a state flight) to chair today’s meeting on the minimum wage at 5 pm between the government and the opposition. Even Fratoianni was for a few days of relaxation with his son in Puglia and for his return he boarded the same plane as the prime minister.

Intercepted by Adnkronos before the meeting with the government, Fratoianni tried to deny the ‘pre-summit’ and with a smile he took his leave with the joke: ”Now you will say that there is the Meloni-Fratoianni government… ”.

Meanwhile, all the leaders arrive at Palazzo Chigi in dribs and drabs. “Let’s go and hear what news the government has about our proposal,” says Pd secretary Elly Schlein heading to the meeting. “In the meantime, we have forced them to face three and a half million poor workers. Let’s go and hear what they have to say”. And the M5S leader Giuseppe With you he anticipates that “we will illustrate our proposal in detail, so that there are no more misunderstandings, we also have graphs”, he warns. While the leader of Action Carlo calendar he limits himself to a “I’m an optimist by nature”, reaching the comparison table.