Minister Roccella: “VAT on children’s products under Draghi was 22%, today 10%”

The Minister for Family, Equal Opportunities and Natality spoke on Sky TG24 talking about many topics including measures for mothers and families, the reform of the premiership and the prank call by Russian comedians against Prime Minister Meloni

Last year “we greatly reduced, from 22% to 5%, the VAT on early childhood products and also for women’s health products, and we saw that this discount which should have reverberated on consumers instead did not have this outcome. So we thought about adjusting the measure. When they say we increased it, it’s not true. We however decreased it: until the Draghi Government, VAT on early childhood products was 22%, today it is 10%. %, however there was a halving.” This was stated by the Minister for Family, Equal Opportunities and Natality, Eugenia Roccella, speaking on the Agenda program on Sky Tg24.

“Contribution relief for mothers has an experimental value”

As regards the family and mothers, “I believe that it is absolutely the first time in which in two consecutive financial statements we have put a billion and a half in the last one and a billion in this one on the family, on women and on the freedom of women to have children if they have them. they want and therefore not to be penalized if they become mothers”. declared Roccella, adding that “the decontribution has an experimental value and we have said so from the beginning. And from the beginning the duration was one year”. As for mothers of three children, “the measure lasts three years – explained the minister -. For the second child it lasts one year and we will see in the next budget whether it is appropriate to refinance it”.

“Agreement with companies for a welfare ‘friendly’ to parents”

Still on the subject of mothers and families, according to Minister Roccella “if we want to reverse the trend or at least stop the demographic crisis we must all do something”. First of all, the Government must “do its part, but we ask companies to direct corporate welfare towards parenting, towards the creation of a working climate friendly towards parents, mothers and fathers”. In particular, attention must be paid to mothers “because there is too high a rate of resignations among women after the first child and much higher after the second child. We want to avoid this. This business pact for maternity will be signed on November 7th from around fifty companies, the Minister of Labor Calderone will also be there”. The pact acts “on several points – explained the minister -. First the return of women after maternity so that they do not lose their career progression and their role within the company. Then the healthcare needs: supplementary healthcare and l “help in terms of prevention”. The third point concerns “a certain flexibility, that is, the possibility for women to be evaluated not only if they are present in the company, but on their objectives, if they have done their job well and achieved the objectives that the company has set for them”, Roccella specified.

“Award-winning? Giving more weight to popular will and increasing stability”

The constitutional reform on the premiership is “an open proposal, the path will obviously be a parliamentary path so there will also be a way to intervene – explained Roccella -. But the fundamental points are very clear, that is, giving more weight to the popular will, enough with the technical governments and enough with the reversals. The second thing however is stability, from which we have suffered greatly in this country. Stability means that when you make government decisions you can take them within a space of time”.

“The left couldn’t stomach the fact that the first female prime minister is from the right”

According to the minister, the “left has not digested the fact that for the first woman at the helm of this country there is a right-wing woman and the fact that the great objective of the women’s movement, which was to break the glass ceiling and not there is a higher glass ceiling than this, besides the presidency of the Republic, has been achieved by a right-wing woman. At the helm of a party founded by her, with an impeccable history of autonomy, freedom and personal ability, without help , without quotas, without help behind us”. Roccella then underlined that she had heard “absurd things on this topic, like when in the first session of the inauguration in the Senate and the House it was repeated several times that Meloni would be a step behind men. And the response was ‘you see me ? I’m here!’ And all the ministers were behind it.” For Roccella “behind this there is this irritation for a theme that was believed to be of the left, that is to enter the public space as protagonists, and instead it was not like that”.

“It’s serious that the left has offered an audience to Russian comedians”

The minister also spoke about the prank call made by two Russian comedians against Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. “If you think that it is not a joke, and that there is more behind it than Russia’s desire to attack a leader who in Europe is a cornerstone of Atlanticism and support for Ukraine, it is serious that many commentators and the left have offered the so-called comedians an audience, a platform and we have expressed a certain satisfaction – declared Roccella – This is really an old defect of the Italian left: everything that affects a Government that they don’t like, even if it is against the interests of the own country, that’s fine.”

“Israel is forgetting what happened on October 7”

The minister also spoke about the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, underlining that “a solitude of opinion is being created around Israel which is dangerous because what happened on 7 October is already being forgotten”. Roccella explained that “we are always for two peoples and two States. The victims are all the same, but the aggressors are not all the same. On October 7th a moral frontier was crossed, so we cannot forget what happened, our judgments today I must also start from there” (THE SPECIAL ON THE WAR BETWEEN ISRAEL AND HAMAS).