Minniti: ‘Diplomatically surround Putin with enlarged Mediterranean countries’

“22 million tons of wheat are blocked in the ports of Ukraine and that wheat is used to make bread in some key countries of the Mediterranean and especially in North Africa. It is enough to understand this to understand how high the risk is that the crisis food produces social tensions, political destabilization and real humanitarian crises “. This was stated by Marco Minniti, President of the Med-Or Foundation on the sidelines of the event “The Middle East in the new geopolitical disorder” promoted and organized by Med-Or and the Atlantic Council.

“It is clear – continued Minniti – that we have a challenge that will shake the veins in our wrists and for this reason it is important to open those ports and push hard to open a negotiation path. A negotiation is different from a capitulation. Finding a negotiation path it means forcing Putin to address this issue. Up to this moment it has been evident that we have been faced with a closed door, this door must be opened with an operation that leads to diplomatically surround Putin, to push him towards peace and towards the negotiated “.

“In order to diplomatically surround Putin – said Minniti – the road passes through the Mediterranean because that is where those countries that are indifferent at the moment and that we must persuade to become protagonists for a new world and for peace are located. The European Union and Italy, due to their historical role, have an important task: there is a need to create what we could define with a somewhat demanding term a new geopolitical subjectivity of the enlarged Mediterranean ”.

“Unfortunately, the picture is the looming specter of a long war that can progressively have increasingly global scenarios – added Minniti – Not because I am thinking of another world war but because some of the crises that are incubating in Ukraine and that are starting from Ukraine can become planetary crises. One of them is the food crisis. In this scenario it is necessary to think of the Mediterranean as a political subject capable of being the protagonist of a new world order together with the United States, China, India and the European Union “.