Minniti: “Fundamental challenges, Italy-Arab Emirates relations must be relaunched”

The president of the Med-Or Foundation: “Global actors who are inside these events, it is important”

“Italy and the United Arab Emirates are two very important countries in the Mediterranean area enlarged and in the world, whose relations of friendship and cooperation are ancient and which, however, need a particularly important relaunch “in the face of the” challenges “that the international community is facing today and which are linked to the conflict in Ukraine, from the energy crisis to the food crisis to the humanitarian one, declared Marco Minniti, president of the Med-Or Foundation, in his opening speech at the ‘New Horizons for Cooperation between Italy and the UAE’ conference in Rome.

Italy and the Emirates “are global players who are inside these events, it is important, fundamental that there is a resumption of a relationship of full trust between the two countries that must face these three great crises together”, continued Minniti, recalling the relations of “ancient friendship and cooperation” between Rome and Abu Dhabi and that “the situation requires a new beginning” also because “there is a new government in Italy”. According to the former Minister of the Interior, it would be “appropriate for Italy and the Emirates to work on a convention of the heads of state and government of the countries of the enlarged Mediterranean” because “today there is a need to find that thread that unites the Mediterranean and not that divides it “.

Minniti stressed that the Dubai Expo, “a frank and clear success”, was also “a target of terrorism” with ballistic missile launches by the Houthis in Yemen, arguing that “we Westerners had to be more aware of what was happening, that country was organizing a world expo and an attack was a challenge for all of us. Without reciprocity, great international relations cannot be built “.

The president of the Med-Or foundation then recalled the “fundamental” role played by the Emirates against terrorism and in particular against the self-styled Islamic State, which has been “defeated, not canceled”. The West “must never forget the past because the future lies in the roots of the past. It was not easy for a large Arab country to decide to send its own contingent to the NATO mission in Afghanistan – continued Minniti – We must never forget that the challenge of international terrorism is not over forever: today the war in Ukraine can once again bring back the challenge of international terrorism and two great open scenarios, namely Afghanistan and Africa can become incubators “.