MIR, the best of audio-video-lighting technology for shows and events

From live-entertainment technologies to information-technology technologies, MIR is the event of the Italian Exhibition Group that brings together all the major players in the entertainment and entertainment industry. The 2023 edition confirmed that the sector is on the rise again, the numbers say it: +12% attendance compared to the pre-pandemic edition of 2019. The event brings together the major players of Light, Sound, Visual, Integrated System & Broadcasts. A prominent attraction for the public this year in Rimini were the two stages equipped with audio, video and light technologies exhibited at the Fair and where musical bands took turns. The other was the Sound Arena where the “Contest Colonne” came to life, for a high-quality comparative listening of vertically developed audio systems. Many solutions are proposed to create virtual studios, or training rooms for museums, and obviously lights-audio-screens for the best experience for large live shows.

The solutions that impressed us the most

Twinkly, distributed by Audio/Effetti, the smart professional lighting system, which allows you to map and control LED sets from your smartphone.

TeamOffice presents an innovative interactive system that combines digital signage, oleographic systems and impromptu presentations via a QRcode.

HAIO136 is a 136” all-in-one LED display, to have a unique visual experience for meeting rooms.

Elation Professional, a lighting system, distributed by PRASE, which offers audio-visual technologies for the creation and control of multimedia studios and stages.

L-Acoustics Immersive Sound Art, distributed by SISME, for immersive listening in 14.1 format with surround up to 360° for home and professional applications.

The virtual studio for television sets created by STS with an Absen Ledwall.

The solution for video projection, in museums, proposed by ScreenLine.

Omni’s Desk Dough, which transforms the video projector into a lighting effects system.

The “numbers” of the shows in the last year

In over 17,000 square meters occupied by six pavilions in Rimini, the public was able to test these products and other innovations from the main world brands. The entertainment and live entertainment sector was among the sectors most penalized by the restrictions due to Covid, and the data that emerged at the MIR confirm its recovery. According to SIAE surveys, from January to September 2022 the total number of “shows” was equal to 24,119, with around 13 million “admissions”, while spending at the box office totaled the figure of almost 451 million euros. For 2023 it is estimated that growth will strengthen (+3%), reaching almost 56 billion in revenues. The sectors with the greatest development will be those most closely linked to the creation of content (+6%, equal to +778 million in revenues) and media (+3%, equal to +852 million in revenues) of entertainment and entertainment, especially television and cinema.