Miriam Leone did it after years: the change of look is completely unexpected

Miriam Leone did it after years, the actress’s change of look is completely unexpected.

Miriam Leone is an actress full of talent and beauty. In September 2021 she got married and made it known by publishing that day a shot that made it clear, with writing. “I’m coming darling”.

Miriam Leone, look (Credits: instagram)

Over the next few hours it was clear with sharing a photo of her dressed in a gorgeous wedding dress. The actress wore a very beautiful dress, and in this regard, with a social post she had made it known that she had desired her veil for her dress and that the motif of her embroidery were ears of wheat, a beautiful symbol. She dreamed and longed for this detail in her head, daydreaming, and her dream came true.

The dress, as she had indicated, was all hand-embroidered and the organza skirt moved with a lightness that Miriam writes wished to be the basis of her dress, and so it was. After the wedding, in recent months, she has always been very busy dressing different characters but she has also been able to live a few days of relaxation. In fact, there are several images of her social network in which we see her at the sea showing off a beauty that takes your breath away. In the last few hours she has surprised all the thousands of followers, have you seen what she has done?

The actress decided to change her look and after years she gave her hair a cut: this is how she showed herself.

Miriam Leone, the change of look is completely unexpected: “After so many years”, have you seen what she did?

After winning the Miss Italy beauty pageant in 2008, Miriam Leone’s career literally took off. The first steps began with conducting, alongside great conductors. In 2010 she landed in the cinema and on the small screen as an actress.

Since she made her debut in the world of acting she has never stopped and there are numerous films that have seen her as the protagonist. It is difficult not to be enchanted by the talent of the Lion and also by her beauty: fair complexion, green eyes that conquer you from afar and orange-red hair, her is definitely a more than particular charm. In recent years she has often changed her look, more than anything else she has dyed her hair a color that is either darker than usual or lighter, but we have also seen her very blond. Apparently she decided to do it again, she changed her look again, but this time he did something very different, after years he decided it.

miriam leone change look
Miriam Leone, look (credits. Instagram)

Here’s how the actress has shown herself in the last few hours, have you noticed the length of the hair? She cut her hair and herself at the bottom of the shared photo she wrote: “I have always given my hair to my characters with love, after so many years a haircut for me!”, he writes. Miriam has revived her look and she is always beautiful, in this regard she says: “Regenerate so that new buds become new flowers …”.