Miriam Leone displaces viewers: “In love with…”, who would have thought that?

Actress Miriam Leone shocks viewers with a surprise confession: “I am in love with…”, who would have thought that?

She is one of the most loved actresses by Italians. Its charm is sometimes unattainable. In her heart, however, in addition to her husband, there is a famous TV personality. He revealed it surprisingly during the interview on the well-known television broadcast. And who would have thought that?

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Actress Miriam Leone displaces viewers: her words (Source: Instagram)

Miriam Leone displaces viewers: her words

Miriam Leone is one of the most fascinating actresses of Italian cinema. Her first television appearance was during the 69th edition of the Miss Italia beauty pageant. The Leone triumphed in the well-known beauty contest and after the success the doors of television and cinema were opened for her.

Later she in fact conducted “Unomattina Estate” and “Mattino in famiglia”, while on the big screen she starred with “Parents & children – Shake well before use “. It owes its success above all to the role of Veronica Castello in the television series “1992“, Broadcast on Sky Atlantic. She also recently starred as Eva Kant in the film Diabolik And with the role of Clara in the movie “Marilyn has black eyes”.

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Last week, the famous actress was a guest of “Sunday In“, Broadcast conducted by Mara Venier on Rai 1. During the interview with Mara Venier, the Lion let himself go to a surprise confession. The actress has in fact declared that she is ‘in love’ with a television personality. Nobody would ever have guessed that. Do you want to know who we are talking about?

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The former Miss Italy winner has revealed that she has a ‘great love’ for Piero Angela. “I was in love with him, I studied watching his episodes and I was fascinated”. The actress then added: “I also told him, but he was a little puzzled. He replied: ‘Well, goodbye miss’ “.

The Lion then received a surprise. The host of “Domenica In”, in fact, broadcast a video message from the science communicator: “I must say that I was surprised and flattered to know that an actress as fascinating as Miriam Leone has been interested in me in the past, as well as in the program. I am out of time, I have completed 67 years of marriage but I know that Miriam has also recently married and therefore I wish her 67 years, at least, of a happy marriage. Best wishes”.