Miriam Leone drastic decision: she hasn’t thought about it twice

Miriam Leone didn’t think twice: the former Miss Italy took a drastic decision and decided to show herself like this

Galeotto was that beauty contest that in 2008 brought the splendid Miriam Leone to be elected Miss Italito and to make her one of the most loved and followed television faces to date. And in fact, right after Miss’s crown, she achieved truly incredible success.

Miriam Leone, ‘drastic’ decision (Credits: Instagram)

Not only a model and Miss Italy, in recent years Miriam Leone has had the opportunity to juggle multiple roles that have led her to have a really important television space. She is a TV presenter, and yes also an actress. We saw her play the wonderful Eva Kant in Diabolik and we were blown away. But how has Miriam Leone changed over the years? Just take a look here to see the difference! She is very active on social networks, where she loves to share contents of private life and even work, Miriam Leone showed herself just like that. The shot shown leaves no room for doubt, the decision of the former Miss Italy has blown everyone away!

Miriam Leone, the decision of the former Miss Italy displaces everyone: as it has shown itself

Class ’85, from Catania, hypnotic eyes and charm to spare. Miriam Leone is certainly a much loved face on social media and in particular on the screen. The beautiful ex Miss Italy has often shared on socials shots in which she showed her changes in her look. Often due to the character she was supposed to be part of. This time, however, ‘the header’ of the Lion, she definitely leaves her mark!

In particular, because the beautiful actress has decided not only to give us a cut but has also chosen to revive the hair with a strong color, and indeed decidedly autumnal! Take a look at this unmissable shot. A new and bold hair look accompanied with a lot of red lipstick. In this look the beautiful Miriam Leone expresses herself in all her femininity.

miriam leone decision
Miriam Leone: the ‘drastic’ but bold decision (Credits: Instagram)

I have always given my hair to my characters with love. After so many years a haircut for me! Those little things we do just for us“, He wrote in the caption of the post in which he showed the new look. What do you think? Don’t you find it splendid?