Miriam Leone is pregnant: “I was lucky enough to decide”

To be pregnant, Miriam Leone she figured it out before any pregnancy tests confirmed it for her. He had a strange belly, and was in a constant state of bliss. So when that pink line appeared, she wasn’t surprised.

Pregnancy, happiness and the possibility of being able to choose

For Miriam Leonepregnancy is an opportunity to talk about something close to her heart: the possibility, and the good fortune, of be able to choose. “A woman should always have the right to choose whether she becomes a mother or not. I was lucky enough to be able to decide,” she said. Many times a mother by fiction, until a few years ago a child was not a priority for her. Indeed, she was angry against the common opinion, which seemed to consider the ticking of the biological clock the pretext for judging the lives of others. Motherhood is a choice, and as such it must be respected. Always. There are those who dream of having a child, those who dream of having many, and those who don’t intend to have any. No one should have the right to discuss that choice, or that not chosen. Because, if until a few decades ago the woman was above all a mother (and often only a mother), now she is also something else. “I don’t have to justify myself about wanting children or not wanting to have them. About being able to have or not being able to (…). There are people who innocently ask you questions that aren’t innocent, and you have to tell them politely that certain curiosities have expired“, has explained.

The golden moment of Miriam Leone

Before becoming a mother, Miriam Leone had to give birth. She has made her way through her passions, her travels, her work, her life. Because for her pregnancy it is not the fulfillment of existence: it is (or at least it should be) a choice, and it is a different way of being happy. Now that that desired son has arrived, he has discovered a new Miriam. A woman who needs other women, to reconnect with the feminine part of her. But if her son hadn’t arrived, she wouldn’t have been lost. “On set, with a baby in my arms, I wondered if I would one day become a mother, but never with the feeling that if it didn’t happen my life would be less beautiful,” she explained.