Miriam Leone tells it only now: incredible what happened on her wedding day

Miriam Leone told it a year after yes: it is incredible what happened on her wedding day.

Miriam Leone on 18 September 2021 got married with Paolo Carullo, after two years of relationship. She the actress had published a shot of her in which she wore the wedding dress with her face covered by her veil: “Nu maritamu“, Or ‘we got married’. The ceremony was held at the Sanctuary of Santa Maria Lo Nova, in Scicli.

Miriam Leone, wedding (credits: instagram)

She then posted a second photo in which she was photographed with her new husband: “An indescribable happiness”, he wrote in support. A few days later she had posted a series of shots while she was in Paris, for the official rehearsal of her wedding dress. She down below let her know that this was her last try before wearing it and it was an indescribable moment. She said she wished her dress had a veil and that her embroidery motif was ears of wheat.

This is a beautiful symbol who, as he writes, dreamed of it in his head. His suit was just the way he wanted it, with an organza skirt that moved with a certain lightness. A few days ago, there was the couple’s wedding anniversary. For the occasion, the actress has published a series of shots that she had never shown before her, at least on social networks. In a story he made it known what happened that day, telling it only after a year.

Miriam Leone has only revealed it now: it happened on her wedding day

One year after the yes Miriam Leone celebrated the wedding anniversary with her husband Paolo Carullo. The actress on September 18, 2021 got married. The ceremony was held in her town, in Scicli. That day, a municipal ordinance announced the closure to traffic for some streets of the town.

The news of the actress’s wedding spread in no time and the church where she would later say yes was surrounded by crowds. About a year has passed and on her anniversary day, September 18th, Miriam published a series of images to return with her mind and heart to that wonderful moment. In a photo in which she is together with her husband in church she writes: “It only happened because you are there. Happy Anniversary”. In the stories, however, he showed a series of images that he had never shown before. In one she revealed what happened that day.

miriam leone wedding
Miriam, wedding day (credits: instagram

He writes that the whole town of Scicli welcomed them with love and affection: “They hung white embroidered sheets on the balconies as a sign of participation and as a special tribute to our day “. Apparently, the citizens of Scicli, the town where the celebration was held, filled the newlyweds with love and hung white sheets on the balconies as a sign of participation.