Miriana Trevisan, uncle died: what happened shortly before the mourning, ‘dark omen’

Mourning for Miriana Trevisan, her uncle died: but did you see what happened just before? ‘Dark omen’ from the gieffina

The competitor of the sixth edition of Big Brother Vip was hit by a serious mourning. Her uncle died while she is imprisoned in the most spied on house in Italy. Before receiving the news of his disappearance, however, Miriana had a ‘dark omen’. In this article we explain everything that happened.

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Miriana Trevisan’s dark omen before her uncle’s death: what happened in the house (Source: Instagram)

Miriana Trevisan, the dark omen before the death of her uncle

Miriana Trevisan is one of the competitors of the GF VIP 6, as well as one of the protagonists of this edition. Pago’s ex-wife is one of the most loved by the public and, after a first elimination, she got the chance to return to the house thanks to the return ticket.

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His experience in the most spied house in Italy, however, was marked by a tragic mourning. In fact, in the last few hours the gieffina lost it uncle. The news was on the afternoon of Wednesday 29 December. Miriana lived moments of pain and despair, letting herself go into a long cry.


The former protagonist of “Non è la Rai” was heartened by her roommates, who immediately rushed to the garden to hug her and to say sweet words to both her and her deceased uncle. Among the closest to the gieffina there are certainly Katia Ricciarelli and Manila Nazzaro.

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Before receiving the news of her uncle’s death, Trevisan had adark omen‘. It had been days, in fact, that the gieffina had a strange presentiment, almost as if she had predicted the painful event. In the past, Trevisan has predicted other events, such as that of the return ticket or the extension of the program.

The contestant of the Canale 5 reality show has now the reputation of being a psychic, but she never wanted to predict such a painful event. Miriana confessed: “I was weird these days, I told her I should talk to my grandmother. He is 103 years old, I knew there was something wrong “- then he added – “I heard a scream from my family but I didn’t know what for, I was convinced it was for grandmother”.