Mirror of my lusts investigates fears, desires and doubts of plastic surgery

Available on Prime Video, Mirror of my desires is the director’s new documentary film Vincent Pelusonominated for the David di Donatello 2022 and written by Annavera Viva to tell the world of plastic surgery.

After the success of the short film Delivery and the documentary film The invisible angelsalso candidates for the David di Donatello, the director and the writer investigate the facets of a much-discussed trend in third millennium society


Doctor Richard Iannuzzia well-known surgeon in the sector, with the help of the Jungian Psychologist Martha Tibaldi takes us step by step into the deepest and most unexplored territory of our dreams.

What is beauty, end or means? How important is it for society and for each of us? What are the deepest reasons behind this ambition? what are you willing to do to chase it? And in the end, if it is achieved, does it satisfy our most secret needs and hopes?

Mirror of my desires it is an all-round investigation into what today seems to have become an essential value.

So how many give in to the hope that a straighter nose, one less wrinkle can give them the life they’ve always dreamed of? And how many cherish the dream of removing that physical obstacle which was the psychological limit which prevented the development of a secure and harmonious personality?

Often it is a question of a desire to change, of an inner revolution dictated by the need for a new face. A form of rebellion in search of a restart to react in many cases to the lack of love and security.

There are many origins of the path that leads to the waiting room of a plastic surgeon and on which, through a succession of common faces and different stories, Peluso’s cinematic eye rests in Mirror of my desires to realize a journey within an ever-expanding universe. The universe of dream surgery, with all its victories and chimeras.