Miss Italy 2022, the final tonight: who are the finalists and where to see it

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All set for the final Miss Italy 2022, the most famous beauty contest in Italy. The final evening of the eighty-third edition, which will be held in Rome in the halls of the Multimedia Congress Center of the Crowne Plaza Rome St. Peter’s, will be broadcast live stream starting from 19:00 on 21 December. Official channels to follow the show, social media connected to the competition. In the race, twenty-one finalists who come from all regions of Italy.

Who won the special bands of Miss Italy 2022

The march of the young contenders for the title of Miss Italy 2022or the girls who passed the regional selections and the pre-finals that took place in Fano last September, arrives in Rome for the grand final which will decide the name of the overall winner.

The special bands of this edition have in fact already been assigned and they are unique awards: the band of Miss Courage 2022 was given to Martha Fenaroli and Zari Mastruzzothe one of Miss Sympathy 2022 to Nicole Schirallithe one of Miss Talent 2022 to Lucretia of Matthew. Miss Social 2022the Venetian Sara Pillaon the other hand, will already have an active role in the final: she will have the social commentary of the evening in which the winner will be decided.
Happy and proud, as always, the patron Patricia Miriglianidetermined to continue the successful tradition of the contest together with Except Slimchosen as host of the evening.
Twenty-one contestants battle it out, one from each region, plus a Miss from Rome, the host city of the evening.

The names of the twenty-one finalists of the competition

Beauty, show and entertainment, these are the essential elements of the success of Miss Italy, a contest whose tradition is unrivaled. Even the claim chosen for this year, “The Beauty of Values”, is linked to the historicity of the competition.
Here is the list of the finalists of the 2022 edition with their regions of origin:

  1. Piedmont: Giulia Giada Cordaro
  2. Valle d’Aosta; Frances Poma
  3. Lombardy: Martina Broggi
  4. Trentino Alto Adige: Eleonora Lepore
  5. Friuli Venezia Giulia: Maria Franceschi
  6. Veneto: Anna Tosoni
  7. Liguria: Mariela Nunez
  8. Emilia-Romagna: Virginia Cavalieri
  9. Tuscany: Arianna Polidori
  10. Umbria: Cecilia Alma Levita
  11. Brands: Glelany Cavalcante
  12. Abruzzo: Beatrice Gioia
  13. Molise: Azzurra Gallinari
  14. Lazio: Lavinia Abate
  15. Campania: Naomi Pirozzi
  16. Basilicata: Roberta Albano
  17. Apulia: Anna Pia Masciaveo
  18. Calabria: Vanessa Foti
  19. Sicily: Anita Lucenti
  20. Sardinia: Carolina Vinci
  21. Rome: Federica Maini