Miss Italy, Lavinia Abate quotes Seneca and says: “I would like to become a singer-songwriter”

English mother, candidacy born in Sardinia, five years with an orthopedic corset, already Miss Lazio with football sympathies for Roma, no boyfriend…

The wind always blows in favor of those who know where they want to go“. She showed up on the stage of the ‘Miss Italy’ final at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rome with a sentence from Seneca. And the wind has certainly blown in the direction desired by Lavinia Abate, 18 years old, Roman with an English mother, given that the ‘has led to the title of new ‘queen queen’.”It’s important to be determined in life, to have clear ideas about what you want to do“, underlined in an interview with AdnKronos. And Lavinia – affected in her adolescence by a form of scoliosis that she overcame only by wearing a corrector corset for five years, thus avoiding the operation – where does she want to go, what does she want to do?

“I have a very strong passion for music and I would like to take advantage of this victory to be able to realize my dream of becoming a singer-songwriter – she says -. My references are more related to English music, Adele in the first place has always been my source of inspiration ; and for Italy my point of reference is Aries, I reflect a lot in this artist, even in her texts which I find wonderful. I hope this victory will open up more possibilities for me”. Meanwhile, in the summer you will face the final exam at the scientific high school.

If she didn’t win, who would she let win? “In the meantime, I risked not taking part in the final because up until a few days before I had the flu and a strong fever… – reports Lavinia Abate -. Surely, I would have made Federica Maini, Miss Rome, win: we immediately forged a strong bond “. So, at least for Miss Italia, there is no rivalry between Rome and Lazio… “No, none”, she replies amused, before confessing with a smile: “And besides, my football sympathies, despite wearing the title of Miss Lazio, go to Rome”, he clarified by accepting the geographical and football double game.

It all started in Sardinia, this summer, when in line at a restaurant with her family waiting for a table to become free for dinner, she was approached by an actress, Caterina Murino, who took part in ‘Miss Italy’ in 1997, finishing fifth , who proposed that she enter the beauty contest. And if the important thing is to participate, winning is even better… “It all happened so quickly, unexpectedly, my mother was almost shocked – she says – First I won the Miss Lazio title; and now, I have the crown of Miss Italy!”. And no boyfriend…

(by Enzo Bonaiuto)