Miss Italy, the senator father: “He won on merit, it’s not a nomination…”

The Northern League member Bergesio: “Enough controversy, she also answered current affairs questions, she is prepared”

A pizza with the family, just enough time to place the crown of the most beautiful in Italy in the bedroom, while the messages from Salvini and other ministers go crazy on the cell phones in the Bergesio house. “We returned home from Salsomaggiore very late,” he tells AdnKronos the Northern League senator Giorgio Maria Bergesio, fresh father of the new Miss Italy, his daughter Francescaa nineteen-year-old just elected as the most beautiful in Italy.

“I was there – says the politician, currently a member of the Segre and Rai Supervisory Commission – I even arrived late, as it had already entered the top ten, but I didn’t think it could win”. A path ultimately crowned with success, which for the proud father “saw Francesca prevail not only for her beauty, but also for how much she showed she knew, like when she answered many general knowledge questions for ten minutes”. “His victory – he says – is the result of a long journey, certainly not something that happened overnight; we were also in Reggio Calabria for the competition and I am sure that what he has faced is a path of growth, of training”, he says the former Northern politician again.

“I don’t understand the controversies, they are sterile criticisms, because in these things there are always those who see it one way and those another, but I must remind everyone that this was a competition, certainly not a nomination”, he adds then putting hands out for the Northern League, sending back to the sender those who also added that of Miss Italy among the seats ‘grabbed’ by the majority – implicit reference to Gad Lerner – and to those on the web who started the record of the ‘miss recommended’ who wins for the Politician dad. None of this for the former mayor of Cervere, the town of just over 2 thousand inhabitants, in the Cuneo area, where the Bergesio family lives. “Only merit”, he says proudly of the girl, enrolled in medicine in Rome, at Unicamillus, a private university in the capital.

Bergesio also mentions the ‘miss driving safe’ sash “that Francesca wore shortly before that of miss Italia and which he obtained for his knowledge of the topic of safety on the roads”. A topic which is also very important to the leader of the party where Bergesio senior plays. That Matteo Salvini, who for once did not address the senator but yesterday wanted to send his congratulations directly to the girl. “Yes – says Bergesio – my daughter told me that Matteo had written to her, together with many others, also from opposition sides”.

Now the Bergesio family looks to the future of the new Miss Italy: “I don’t think she wants to get involved in politics, the only thing I ask her is to always stay informed, to read the newspapers, she seems very attentive to the issues of female emancipation” .

“I’m almost certain that she will continue to university, to study medicine, of course, now new perspectives could open up and she will be the one to decide.” “John Paul II said ‘take your life into your hands and make a masterpiece of it’, this is my wish…”.