Miss Universe: this is why it could be canceled

Israel stood out for being one of the countries that had the highest number of vaccines when they became available. The world watched in amazement as some could get vaccinated in the richest and most powerful center of the world, while others fell ill in other less fortunate parts of the world. This is how we saw Andrea Meza during her promotional activities, in a country where normality reigned.

The consequence of the inequity of vaccines for Africa was the appearance of a new mutation that could be very dangerous. OMICRON moves at impressive speeds and promises to be present at the miss Universe December 12th. With concern they look at the beauties and the organizers around the world.

Each country has had a particular situation, Andreina Martinez, the representative of the Dominican Republic will be replaced by the first finalist after confirming to be positive for COVID19. Worse still is the situation of African representatives who generally arrive from countries listed as risk areas, therefore, they are being subjected to analysis and quarantines together with their teams.

Source: Instagram @missuniverse

Deborah Hallal, the Mexican promise is already in Israeli territory, but there are doubts regarding the possibility that his compatriot Andrea Meza can effectively deliver the crown. Despite the controls carried out on the contestants before and after arriving in Israel, it turned out that one contestant had arrived infected. His nationality has not yet been confirmed, but the contagion appears to have occurred during the trip.

Deborah Hallal. Source: Instagram @ deborahallal1

Sadness of the fans of the contest that had to be postponed in the past. In fact, Andrea Meza she has carried the title of Miss Universe for 7 months and not for a full year. Perhaps these setbacks will end up prolonging his reign for some more time. The COVID 19 pandemic continues to rage.