Miss Universe: Who is the favorite to win in 2021?

The days leading up to the big competition keep us focused on two issues. The first is precisely Andrea Meza, the outgoing sovereign. The second question is who is the favorite? With all the spotlight on Eliat, the Israeli city where the competition will take place, it’s time to find out.

This week Andrea Meza talked about what his future would be for December 13, the day after the celebration of miss Universe. “After that [la final del 12 de diciembre] a radical change is coming in my life. I have to move and I’m leaving the Miss Universe department in New York and I think I’m going to be moving to Miami, a city that fascinates me, “said the beautiful Mexican.

It is not normal for the outgoing sovereign to rule on the future miss Universe favorite, but some media do test polls and produce results that are often quite close to the result. It turns out that we are close to the presentation show: the swimsuit is already chosen and the evening dresses receive the final touches.

Miss Nicaragua

According to a survey carried out by the US media, the second finalist would be Miss Nicaragua. Allison Wassmer, the Nicaraguan promise, is already on her way to the city of Eliat. The first finalist, also from Latin America, would be Nadia Ferreira. Miss Paraguay garnered 12% of the votes in the poll.

Miss Paraguay

But the trend is very strong compared to the new Miss Universe 2021. The survey leaned towards Miss Thailand with a surprising percentage of 70%. That’s how strong she will snatch the crown that Andrea Meza is still caressing in New York. After a short 7-month reign due to the postponements caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, she must present the highest award for beauty.

Miss thailand